Why scalp micropigmentation is a better alternative than a hair system.

Micro pigmentation is becoming the most popular trend in treating hair loss and it has taken over the hair system. case-study-patient2_4It is mostly used for concealing bald headedness and widened scars on the scalp of your head. If you have bald areas or scars on your head, you can enhance your look by getting yourself a hair tattoo to obtain the look of normally growing hair. Scalp micropigmentation does not grow back your hair but it gives you an appearance that is as the same as hair follicles on your scalp so it is important for you not to have some unrealistic expectations after undergoing the procedure. Scalp micropigmentation can be both permanent and temporary; whichever type of micropigmentation you may want you need to find a qualified artist for the job because the final results will depend on how expertly the job is done. Your artist will help you attain the hairline and the look you have always wanted to have. If you have battled with hair loss for a long time, here are some reasons why you won’t go for the alternative of the hair system but instead opt for the scalp micropigmentation procedure;

1. Cost effective

There is no point of draining your bank account to get a hair system when there are other cheaper ways of treating hair loss problems when you can have an affordable and safe option. Scalp micropigmentation is cheap and convenient for any person with an average earning. The procedure costs an average of $5000 in most professional clinics. Hair system is extremely expensive and it cannot be used by persons that are living on below average earnings. After undergoing this treatment there are no known complicated after care procedures. Scalp micropigmentation also saves you on medicine and maintenance expenses while at the same time leaving you with an attractive look. A re-touch after the main procedure takes 8 to 15 years and you can be sure that you will save on visiting the salon every now and then.

2. No chemical effects

When you are faced with baldness or hair thinning challenges you have at your disposal many options to make your hair grow but you should always keep your health a priority. Many medicines that are used to grow hair always have chemicals that may have severe side effects. These effects may include hemorrhage and a range of other infections. Scalp micropigmentation is a long term solution and it does not have any side effects; you only get a hair tattoo on your head. The procedure is also quite safe since it does not invade the scalp into deep lengths thus reducing the chances of getting an infection. It is also a drug and non- surgical free treatment that gives you an immediate appealing look without leaving scars on your skin.

3. Heals fast

You don’t wnoSCARRINGant to go through a hair treatment procedure that will keep you indoors for the next couple of days or weeks. When you undergo scalp micropigmentation it will take you only 2 to 4 days to heal. A big number of people who undergo this procedure are usually ready to return to their usual activities like shopping and office work after two days with a satisfying look. After 4 days you are ready to engage in the other heavy duty activities that may trigger sweating on your scalp conveniently.

4. It gives you a realistic appearance

None of your friends or workmates will notice some funny look on your scalp. Scalp micropigmentation treatment leaves your scalp with its normal appearance. The color of each hair follicle is matched to the color of your hair or skin while also ensuring that the hair tattoo goes to the same direction with your hair growth. It will also give you the opportunity to keep looking attractive as you maintain a natural look. This is achieved by having your technician place the right amount of pigments and dots per square inch. If you want to create the most natural appearance it will be good to consider a natural asymmetrical hairline design and a fading design for hair line restoration.

5. Gives back your youthful appearance

ageBaldness occurs often to the middle aged and the aging people in the western society. However, it can occur to you at any stage in life even in your early thirties. Maybe you have that bald area that makes you have a low self-esteem or you have a premature balding that makes you look older than you really are; there is a solution for you. Scalp micropigmentation will help you regain back your confidence as it will conceal the bald areas on your scalp. Nobody will mistake you again for a 50 year old when you are only 30! Many celebrities have opted for the scalp micropigmentation procedure to give them an attractive look and keep them looking young while appearing on the screen.

6. Easy maintenance

Don’t waste your money on hair products that will never bear the results that you have always desired. You need to get a one-time solution for your baldness which will not require from you the use of expensive shampoos. Scalp micropigmentation is quite easy to maintain since it does not need after care expenses. When you want to get out of the house you can always brush it clean using the hair wax of your preference. Contrary to other treatments methods of hair loss, your head will need attention from a technician just after at least four years for a touch up. You can also be sure that you won’t get late for work since it only takes a few minutes to prepare.

7. It is fast

The time that will be consumed depends on the amount of work to be done; the size of the bald area or the scar to be concealed. It will take you at most four sessions which consume an average of 4 hours each to go through this treatment. The first step you need to undergo is describing to your technician the type of hairline you would want and then you will be shown an image of your look when the process is completed. Before the procedure begins on you it’s important that you have a clear picture of what the end result will be. The tattooing process is quite convenient and after the recommended sessions the patient obtains a perfect look immediately. Any pain experienced in the tattooing process subsides immediately after the process is completed. After the sessions your technician shows you on how to wash your hair clean in the next few weeks. For best results always keep your scalp hydrated and health after the procedure is performed on you.

8. Long –term solution

This treatment will offer you a long-term solution to your hair loss problem. The duration that your scalp will last without the need of a touch up depends on an individual’s metabolism, age and immunity and other body factors. A scalp micropigmentation treatment can last for 8 – 15 years before it begins to fade if given the proper care it requires. If you want to enhance the density and fullness of your hair, you can visit your artist for the appropriate treatment. The scalp micropigmentation procedure can also be termed as a long term solution to your self-esteem and confidence problems.

9. Suits everyone

Both men and women face the challenge of hair loss through hair thinning, balding or alopecia. Even the old folks still want to have an impressive look when they appear in public. Once you want to end your hair loss problem you will always want to consider the treatment that works perfectly for you. Hair systems fail at times and they end up giving you a disappointing look. On the contrary, scalp micropigmentation works for everyone no matter the type of scalp you have. It works for every gender and ethnic group and it takes after how your real hair would grow to produce a natural look. For people who suffer a permanent hair loss, a buzz cut works perfectly for them; you no longer have to survive on hair systems.

10. It makes you reveal your true self

Many people have lost their real appearance in undergoing hair systems or hair implantation in the pursuit of growing hair on their scalp. When you are experiencing hair loss you tend to look for several kinds of cover-ups which may include hair systems that conceal your real look. They may tend to stand in your way preventing you from walking into your potential and being the person you have always wanted to be. Having your natural look will also enhance your confidence and self-esteem. Many people have shared their life experiences about how their lives took a different turn both socially and career wise after undergoing scalp micropigmentation.

11. It is non – invasive

This treatment does not dig dip into your scalp; the process happens at the upper part of the scalp and it only takes a few hours unlike the hair system process. The treatment is completed once and for all and you will not head home with some endless appointments to come visiting the clinic. It leaves only a small red portion that will disappear a short while after the procedure. In addition it provides very immediate results and you leave the clinic with an assurance of a good look.

12. Perfect for camouflaging hair thinness and scars

Several people have undergone hair implantation that left them with large scars on their scalps. Such experiences may make someone get discouraged and decide to live with the embarrassment of a scar on their scalp. However bad the scar may appear to be, you don’t have to stay with it because there is a way in which you can conceal it (and a better way for that matter). In these occurrences the only option that is left to conceal the scar is by undergoing scalp micropigmentation which is the only effective methods to conceal such scars and patches on the scalp. Hair thinning too can be camouflaged by getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment to enhance the density of your hair. It also completes a greater illusion for persons who have already undergone a hair transplant.

13. Boosts confidence and self esteemconfidence

If you have been walking on the streets with your head low because of the many critics and negative comments you have received because of your bald head; it’s the moment to leave the depression behind and walk head high. Scalp micropigmentation deals with your baldness problem for good, you only need to avail yourself to a professional clinic and undergo the rightful procedures.

14. No risk

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that is quite safe and you don’t need to hesitate undergoing it from fear of injuries. Most hair treatment manufacturers produce odorless harmful products that can cause damages and injuries on your scalp. The scalp micropigmentation procedure leaves no scar on your scalp and neither does it need some other treatment afterwards. On the contrary the hair system procedures require an after treatment.

When looking for a scalp micropigmentation clinic you should be careful not to end up in a counterfeit dealer. Several clinics give false information on how long they have lasted in the scalp micropigmentation industry. To avoid being deceived you should make sure that you do not deal only with the sales representative of a scalp micropigmentation clinic but also the artist that will work on your scalp. Viewing working photos and videos with the specific scalp micropigmentation artist that will work on you will help you to make the right decision about the clinic that will give you the right service. If you are faced with a situation where you want to remove the hair tattoo, it can be reversed using a tattoo remover laser. The procedure uses a small amount of color making it easily removable. If you think that the bald area on your head is too large for any treatment you are wrong; scalp micropigmentation can create a hairline for any degree of baldness. It is time you boost your esteem and walk boldly into your full potential; scalp micropigmentation will give you a helping hand on this.