Why did Matthew McConoughey have a hair transplant?

Actors rely on their talent first and foremost to be successful at their craft. This is the foundation on how effective they will be in their chosen field. Honing their ability to portray a certain emotion or character is essential. Any other component that would make achieving this process with greater ease is a welcome addition. This can come in the form of practice, research, speech delivery or even wearing the right costume. Prosthetics has also been used to make a character look more believable. This underlines the importance of appearance being able to coincide with acting ability to create a more believable performance.

Investing on their looks has always been a wise move to make for actors. It helps improve their convincing power to deliver on the required effect for the roles that they play. This does not only provide an added aspect to their profession, it gives a boost to their self-esteem as well.


Matthew McConoughey is certainly one person whose onscreen presence has benefitted from a few well-placed enhancements. He first appeared in the cult classic Dazed and Confused where he made the phrase “You just gotta keep on livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N..” Matthew followed this up with more serious roles in A Time To Kill and Amistad. His acting range allowed him to tackle different genres and soon became popular for a string of romantic comedies during the 2000s. He appeared in hits such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Failure To Launch and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. McConoughey returned to more serious roles in The Lincoln Lawyer and Interstellar eventually winning a Best Actor Academy Award for the lead part in Dallas Buyers Club.

Viewing his file photos away from the silver screen, a casual observer would immediately notice that Matthew was indeed, balding. There was a picture of him in 1999 showing very noticeable recession in the temporal areas and thinning in the frontal region. This magically became thick again in 2007 though another photograph of him emerged four years later with some parts on the top of his scalp looking very thin. His pictures during the 2014 Oscars would confirm that he has indeed been experiencing hair loss as the temporal regions have receded deeper compared to where they were three years earlier. A front view of his hairline however shows that his frontal area once again regained some growth.

McConoughey is now forty-five years of age, which is still quite young to be totally bald but old enough to be experiencing a certain degree of hair loss. Male pattern baldness usually begins around a man’s late twenties to his early thirties. The picture of him having a receding hairline back in 1999 had him at around thirty years old. This would make him a good candidate for the early stages of androgenic alopecia. Past evidence however reveals a more advanced case that seems to be doing a little back and forth ever since.

It may be possible that Matthew has undergone a hair transplant procedure. While it could be effective, there is no telling when it will last. The alterations on his hairline and its thickness are proof that his treatments if he had any, have only been effective to a certain degree. This may be due to the constant progression of male pattern baldness.

It would be a different story had he received a scalp micropigmentation procedure. McConoughey’s wavy hair would have been able to work easily with the design of the treatment. This would help it appear thicker and more natural looking. There would likewise be a permanence that accompanies this remedy though it may need to change to a “just-shaved” style should Matthew’s alopecia progress into its latter stages. The growth of his existing hair might no longer be enough to cover the bald areas.