There is a saying that is quite familiar and very appropriate for this topic: quality over quantity. Time and again this statement has rang true. Certain goods or services are not priced higher than others just for its own sake. A reason could be the use of higher caliber materials or additional processes required to create a more polished finished product. Justifying a higher price would be difficult if this were not the case. There will always be an instance why something is more expensive than another. It is often the pricier one that offers better value because it lasts longer, performs better or is generally made of higher quality materials.

High quality SMP

There is no substitute for a high quality SMP treatment

The hair loss market is very lucrative. Many businesses have sprouted in recent years to try to satisfy this growing demand for a cure, or at least a semblance of it. Consumers are led to believe that certain shampoos, concealers and moisturizers will be able to treat their hair loss. They buy into it, investing what they have in the vain hope that they guessed right this time around. Unfortunately the market is also filled with opportunistic individuals and companies that will try to sell anything just to make money. These usually come in the form of snake oils and sugar pills producing little or no effect. They momentarily generate a glimmer of satisfaction in the buyers mind only to be disillusioned when they realize that their condition is not any better and their money has disappeared along with it. This is not the whole industry however. Consumers just need to be wary of market hype and false advertising. It could lead them on the very path that they sought to avoid. If a deal is too good to be true, then it probably is.

There are deals on offer out there for a complete scalp micropigmentation (SMP) treatment for $1000 or even less. This fact should make even a novice in hair loss think twice about undergoing a treatment. One could stop and reflect on how might a provider be able to offer a price like that, or more to the point, why do they? A high quality SMP procedure costs $2000 at the very least, rising to $3500 as an average and over $4000 for some clients with extensive alopecia and scarring. If you want a genuinely good deal, then save yourself 20% off the cost of a quality treatment at Scalp Aesthetics via this link.

The main reason why cheap scalp micropigmentation should be avoided is because one may actually be doing themselves more harm than good. The materials used to for the pigment ink and the equipment used to administer it would most likely be substandard. The technician commissioned to actually perform the work might not be a qualified or skilled at all. The outcome would probably look more like a delusion of hair than an illusion of it. Avoid these cheap SMP procedures at all costs. Not only will you receive actual savings of time, effort and money, you will also spare yourself the embarrassment and the remedial work that will inevitably be required.