As one of the most followed sports personalities in the world, LeBron James is never far from the media spotlight. His free agency this summer made the media attention even more intense, as every basketball fan in the world tried to figure out which team he’d pick for the new season. This raised a significant amount of additional scrutiny (as if that were actually possible), including many questions about what’s been going on with LeBron’s hair lately.

Where do the hair transplant rumors come from?

Actually, it’s not hard to work this one out. First off, there has been significant evidence that his frontal hairline has been thinning out. This has been going on for some time, and is rumored to be a real issue for the NBA star.


Then there were widespread rumors that LeBron had started using concealers to thicken up his hair at the front. Unsurprisingly these rumors were never confirmed, however there was little to hide the tell tale sign of hair transplant surgery a short while later, evidenced by a classic strip scar at the back of his head. At least that’s what it looks like, and the world seems to agree.


Perhaps the most obvious reason for the rumors was the new significantly thicker hair he sported recently, shown during an interview with CNN.


So there is little doubt that LeBron James had some form of hair restoration surgery, although it is doubtful that a full admission will ever be forthcoming. That’s fine as it is ultimately LeBron’s own private business, but we can’t help but feel there were better options available to the NBA star.

His transplant means he will forever be a slave to his receding hairline. As he loses more hair, more painful surgery will be needed. He’ll also need to look over his shoulder at his donor hair supply. Already quite thin, he doesn’t have much hair left to relocate to the front, and we doubt he’ll want to scar that hard-won physique with a body hair transplant. Besides, imagine the headlines if people found out his restored hair was actually from his chest, his back or perhaps worse. Stranger things have happened.

The Scalp Aesthetics Technique would have been a much better option. After 2-3 procedures he would have been set up for years. No donor hair issues, no pain and no scars.

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