A good reference on male pattern hair loss is the Norwood Hamilton scale. It gives detailed graphics illustrating each stage of hair loss and baldness, but all it tells you is where you’re at. It doesn’t tell you when the right moment has come to take action. At which stage is the right time to consider an SMP treatment? Should you do it now or wait a bit longer? We get these questions a lot.

The truth is that our consultants have worked with and successfully treated customers with varying degrees of hair loss and balding. Every person is unique and it is possible to treat a wide range of cases from mild to extensive hair loss, all with the same degree of proficiency.

Consider this however – there will never be a perfect time to have this done. If you want to upgrade your appearance but you’re waiting for the right moment, it will never come. You’ll still have a job to attend, family events coming up, and a list of reasons why you shouldn’t do this.


Fortune favors the brave, and NOW is always the right time.

We work with customers that many would consider as still having a strong hairline. When it comes to SMP treatments, our team of experts is able to calculate the exact amount of pigmentation needed to match the hair and lower the hairline. The same calculations are used to blend the pigment into the existing hair follicles on the scalp to create a smooth homogeneous look.

Earlier SMP treatments where the client still has a lot of remaining hair also pre-emptively counter potential balding that might occur in the near future. If treatment is done sooner, those early treatments will reduce the number of trips to the clinic if the hair does continue to recede.

The majority of our customers wait until later stages of balding before coming in for consultation and treatment. These customers typically have more prominent balding areas on the crown of the head and corresponding lower numbers on the Norton-Hamilton chart. Having a treatment done later in the balding stages has it’s own advantages. The primary one being that fewer treatments will be required as the years go by.

If there is very little hair remaining on the head then a head-on approach can be taken to work with a large area of the scalp. If a large surface area is treated at once, the sessions will take longer, however, late SMP treatments covering a large area will result in more obvious results and can drastically changes one’s life and looks in a short time.

Want to know what all our customers have in common?

Scalp Aesthetics clients share one common trait – they all wish they got scalp micropigmentation a lot sooner than they did.

Why wait? If you’re in your 20’s and you’re losing hair, you are almost certain to continue losing your hair until there is very little left. It’s harsh, but it is also a fact of life. Why suffer the anguish of hair loss, when you can nip it in the bud and get on with your life?

If you have questions about the Scalp Aesthetics Technique (SAT), please contact us and we will be happy to furnish you with whatever information you require.