Professionals regularly use minoxidil to help patients of either gender treat their hair loss. It contains an antihypertensive peripheral vasodilator that may affect people in a detrimental way if not properly administered. It must only be recommended by professionals to avoid any unwanted situations.

Minoxidil is a drug that is better used at the onset of hair loss. It aids in its regeneration and sometimes reduces the rate at which it is lost.

Users in their thirties and younger have responded more positively than those of an older age bracket. It is not as effective as where the hairline has already receded. It is the same case in areas where a substantial amount of hair has already fallen. There must be continuous medication of minoxidil or risk the loss of regenerated hair.

MinoxidilDoes it work?

This method must be regarded as a slow process. It is not a quick solution to the problem of hair loss, in fact in most cases its benefits are slight, or never materialize. Measured doses of minoxidil in liquid form should be applied accordingly. Applying more than the recommended amount will not hasten the recovery process. It might even have an adverse effect.

It is strongly advised to use minoxidil on a dry scalp two times a day. The hair should also be dry. The technician recommending the product should be informed of any existing complications such as kidney, liver, scalp or heart disease. It may prove unsafe for those who do not inform the specialist.

The symptoms to look out for to halt using minoxidil are any form of itching or burning sensation. You may also want to discontinue its use if you notice having a dry scalp or irritation of the skin. Retention of water may also occur as a known unwanted reaction. The repercussions of this drug may be felt in varying ways. The specialist should be notified immediately of any noticeable changes. Immediate stoppage is recommended or risk irreversible complications.

Why do people choose to use minoxidil?

The loss of hair often leads to a perceived devaluation of one’s self-image. Quite simply, their confidence is inherently linked to their pysical appearance. It is not so much that hair is desirable, but more the case that the loss of hair is undesirable. Balding is seen as a weakness, or a flaw in a persons appearance. It can also be a short term solution for those with alopecia areata.

So why minoxidil? Because it’s easy. In truth however the drug is unlikely to offer any significant long term benefit to the user, and using minoxidil for a long time is an expensive exercise.