There are many hair loss concealers available, in various guises around the world. Brands like Nanogen, DermMatch and Toppik have become household names among the hair loss community, and a great deal of people wind up using these cover-ups for many years of their lives.

Caboki is the latest brand to hit the shelves, although most units are sold on a mail order basis through the manufacturers websites. The product promises a fast and easy camouflage for thinning hair, as shown in its various sales videos.

On the face of it, most people would consider the result demonstrated in the video above to be pretty impressive. Temporary hair loss concealers in general tend to do a really good job. The issue is that they are inherently flawed from the start, because of their obvious limitations.

How is Caboki different from other concealers?

The manufacturer would certainly like you to think their product is the best on the market, in fact they’ve created a network of websites to sell the stuff online to customers around the world, so expectations are clearly high. Their sales story focuses largely on magnetic properties of the keratin fibers they use, which they claim are superior to alternative brands.

But wait a minute…. arch rival Toppik say something very similar, as do Nanogen. In fact virtually every shake-on product has the same basic sales pitch, the only exception being DermMatch, although that’s a different product format entirely.

What’s the deal with concealers anyway?

You know, at Scalp Aesthetics we just want people to be happy. If that means they buy a product or service from us or from somewhere else, that’s fine by us.

Unfortunately the problem with concealers is they are just an anxiety trade. Before, you were anxious about your hair loss. Now you’re spending your time obsessing over how your ‘hair’ looks, afraid of being found out and paranoid about anyone touching your hair. That’s fine most of the time, but what if you want to play with your kids? Or get intimate with your partner? Are you going to tell them not to touch your hair?

Then there’s the wind and the rain. I don’t care what any manufacturer claims – concealers are not fixed to your hair like glue. They can be blown off, washed out by rain and brushed off by touch. All concealers share this common and unfortunate flaw.

What to do?

If you’re contemplating the use of some sort of hair loss concealer, be it Caboki or another brand, you’re obviously upset about losing your hair. It’s only natural to want to look your best, and we really do understand how you feel.

Taking positive action means doing something that will fix the problem for good. If you’re simply trading one obsession for another, then what’s the point? You need something more permanent and ultimately more satisfying. There are a number of hair restoration options available including hair transplant surgery, a hair system or various pills and supplements that may help.

Of course we will always recommend the Scalp Aesthetics Technique (SAT), because we believe it to be the best solution for hair loss by far. If you require more information about this option please see our amazing demonstration videos, or contact us for help.