We cover the basics of what you need to know on our scar page, but I wanted to dig a little deeper and explain how SMP can help those with specific types of scars.

First off, to dispel a few myths:

  • Just because you have scars does not mean your surgeon did a bad job. Scars are an inevitable by-product of surgery.
  • Not all scars are created equal. Some are much easier to hide than others.
  • There is no such thing as scar-less hair transplant surgery.

First, lets look at the most common types of scars we conceal using scalp micropigmentation:

Strip scars

These are by far the most common, and usually the most problematic for the bearer. Identified as a long linear scar at the back of the head, the classic strip scar is caused by the old fashioned FUT (follicular unit transplantation) technique.


We’ll spare you the details because if you’re reading this then clearly you already know how these scars are created, however you need to know that strip scars vary massively in size, texture, color and flatness. Generally speaking the thinner, flatter and less colored your scar is (versus the surrounding skin), the easier it is for your Scalp Aesthetics technician to camouflage it.

FUE scars

Characterized by multiple small ‘dot’ scars at the back of the head as well as smaller bumpy scars in the recipient area (usually at the front or on the crown), FUE scars are less severe than strip scars and are generally easier to camouflage. Resulting from FUE (follicular unit extraction) surgery, FUE scars are becoming more common as more people shun dated strip techniques in favor of more advanced FUE procedures. Scalp Aesthetics is the leading expert in FUE scars so if you have these, make sure you call us first.

Plug and cobblestone scars

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, plug-type procedures were commonplace. We’ve all seen the results of these archaic practices. Many people were forced to have remedial procedures to reverse the dolls hair appearances they were left with. Unfortunately many people still bear the scars from these procedures.

Plug scars are very difficult to conceal, so it is important you choose the best technicians in the business for the job. Talk to Scalp Aesthetics today and we’ll provide a free tailored assessment of your needs.

Scalp reduction scars

A scalp reduction is a gruelling procedure that some men have, for a variety of different reasons. The scars that result are large and hard to camouflage. We offer a lot of experience hiding scars like these, however we will need to see you in person or exchange photos by email to fully assess your requirements.