Manny Vazquez

Union County Area, New Jersey


Hairline Plus is a licensee of Scalp Aesthetics in Union, New Jersey. They are conveniently located inside of American Shave Classic Barber centrally located in the heart of Union Center, Union, NJ.  Their private room is equipped with the essentials to make your procedure as comfortable as possible. We offer complimentary beverages and a relaxing environment.
The Artist, Manny is not only a Scalpa Academy certified technician but also a licensed barber with over 20 years of experience. Manny’s eye for perfection shows in his work and his attention to the client’s needs are emphasized with detail.
Hairline Plus will provide an outstanding environment and customer service that suits our client’s needs. Our consultations are on a one on one basis and allow the client to ask as many questions as needed. We provide the client with information and options that work well with their desired look.
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1050 Stuyvesant Ave
Union, New Jersey 07083
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