Tyrell Morrison

San Antonio, Texas


Tyell and Tyronn Morrison are San Antonio, Texas licensees of Scalpa.
Their location provides a comfortable atmosphere for all clients to feel welcomed and leave satisfied with Scalpa. We are located in San Antonio, Texas.
Tyrell and Tyronn Morrison both became intrigued with Scalpa. They both were bald and wanted to find a way to have that defined look of a permanent hairline. They came across Scalpa and did the work on each other and receive many compliments. Tyronn is a master barber and instructor. Tyrell is a Business finance major and his own Bowtie business.
We enjoy working with new and current clients of Scalpa. They become very fascinated with before and after transformation of Scalpa clients. It is a big deal for every client to leave satisfied not just by Scalpa, but by the experience and relationship that is built. They want to make sure every client gets exactly what they desire to their micropigmentation.
“Recreating and designing every head with 1 drop of ink at a time”
15138 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78232
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