Chris Moreno

Los Angeles, California


High rise procedure office allows the clients to experience a privacy, security, with a beautiful scenic view of Los Angeles from the chase high rise building
Moreno, a California board certified License Registered Nurse, graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelors in Nursing. He was the top four percent of his class, a scholarship student, President of his class, and the only male Mexican registered nurse to graduate in 2009. He worked at Keck University Hospital of U.S.C. for over 8 years and has 10 years of nursing experience in emergency medicine and wound healing.
Moreno, a Registered Nurse, performs the Scalp Aesthetics golden line of treatment.
Anything you want can be achieved, and during your consultation, we will go over how dense you want your hair, the darkness and overall look you are striving for. Our specialists will be very honest and upfront with you if your desires fit into what is achievable or not. Honesty and integrity is the Scalpa way.
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