Thomas McDonald

Destin, Florida


The Scalpa treatment center in Destin Florida services entire Gulf Coast region including Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and all the way to Pensacola. Locals and vacationers looking to improve their appearance with scalp tattoo, microblading, and areola restoration can now do so at this cosmetic spa, as these are all services that are offered at this clinic. Woman or men with traction alopecia from hair braids that would like their hairline re-shaped it is now possible with this scalp treatment.
Scalp micropigmentation is a real life changer. For men and woman suffering from hair loss, the anxiety and feelings of inadequacy that often accompany this event can make the experience very challenging to deal with. For decades only hair transplant surgery, snake oil potions and dubious hair loss drugs have been real options for the balding people. Until now. Don’t rely on bogus or biased scalp micropigmentation reviews or scalp micro facilities that do not have vetted ink pigment or needles. Instead, come to our Destin clinic and see hair transplant, scar, or alopecia clients being treated live and in person and decide for yourself!
Since joining the Scalpa team in 2014; Thomas hit the ground running and has become a leader in the industry becoming licensed in several states and managing multiple scalp micropigmentation centers around the country. Thomas has been able to offer his valuable experience by recruiting, training and mentoring many new artists some of which have won awards and been national recognized! “Since I too suffered from hair loss and was able to put it behind me, as a Scalpa client; I know what it’s like and I aim to provide world-class results and service with every new client I meet. The office is clean, sleek, modern and equipped with free wi-fi and music for our clients’ comfort and entertainment.
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