Darriun Harris

Dallas, Texas


Darriun Harris and Dallas Scalp Center is a licensed affiliate of Scalpa.
With over 15 years experience as a barber, Dallas Scalp Center founder, US Navy Veteran Darriun Harris has extensive knowledge in his field of skill. Having had a large clientele who suffered from hair loss and have experienced hair loss himself, Darriun is a dedicated professional who understands hair loss and has a true passion for helping people restore their look and their confidence by overcoming hair loss. This was his driving force behind teaming up with Scalp Aesthetics and starting the Dallas Scalp Center.
From slight hairline adjustments to full head procedures, Dallas Scalp Center has the perfect solution for you. With attention to detail, passion and great empathy as the symbols of our appreciation, we take pride in delivering topnotch procedures that will put a smile on your face and change the way you see yourself in the mirror permanently.
17331 Gaston Avenue, Suite #175
Dallas, TX 75214

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