2nd Annual
Scalp Micropigmentation Conference


WHEN: October 10th - 12th
WHERE: JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

This is the only scalp micropigmentation conference of its kind. A place to bring people from all over the world together to look at the big picture. A place to collaborate, a place to reunite, a place to celebrate and a place to keep raising the standard. If you are serious about changing lives and advancing to the next level with scalp micropigmentation, this is your event.


The World Leaders in
Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Aesthetics is not about our needles, our inks or our machines. It’s about a new found freedom, a new lease on life, a burst of inspiration and confidence. It’s about a man or woman who has been lost and now is found. Someone who thought there was no hope and turned it all around. It’s about getting out there and doing what you said you would do. It’s about a person who changes the world because they were crazy enough to think they would. It’s a lifestyle, a breed, a culture and a family.

Scalp Location Results
Milford, CT - Debi

855.424.7828  |  Milford, CT 06490

Debi Barton is our Scalp Aesthetics Featured Licensee Artist. See her amazing client transformation and review. 

Debi at Scalp Aesthetics deserves a 5 STAR all around!  After going in not knowing what to expect I was extremely pleased to realize just how knowledgeable, helpful, accommodating and talented she is! I will refer all my friends and family to Debi. After only 3 short sessions I left there smiling and never looked back! Thank you, Debi and scalp aesthetics for changing my life!
I also want to Thank Eric and Gail for all their help as well.

~ Your Biggest Fan, Evelyn

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