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master2The Rochester location was the first Scalp Aesthetics Treatment Center, and is the birthplace of the Scalp Aesthetics Technique (SAT). Headed by Frank Bonafide, lifelong friend of Founder Bryce Cleveland, and New York licensee of Scalp Aesthetics, the Rochester office is home base.

Frank shares Bryce’s passion for people and the ability to make a positive change in their lives forever, in fact he believes that to effect such change in people is an honor and blessing.

With an extensive background in the fashion industry and aesthetics, working at Scalp Aesthetics has turned out to be the dream he never realized he had! Frank loves the idea that the SMP industry has no ceiling, and that the number of lives he can touch is without limits or boundaries. When asked what he loves most about his job, Frank simply answers – “The Happiness”.

Although more than half of clients who visit our Rochester office are looking for a solution to regular balding, scar and alopecia concealment are areas in which this location is particularly strong. So much so in fact that many dermatologists now send their hair transplant patients to us for scar camouflage treatments.

We have also completed several alopecia procedures in Rochester. Clients with this requirement are not as common as those with regular hair loss, and they may take an extra visit or two, but when finished….wow! As Frank puts it, “The mirror brings tears of joy to our clients. It’s a truly life altering experience”.

Our Rochester location provides our clients with private parking, and a private driver for those who fly to Rochester from out of town. Once you have booked your all-inclusive trip we take care of the rest. We arrange everything including flights, transfers and even your hotel stay. No other provider in the world offers this level of client care.

Covering 3000 sq ft, it is probably the largest scalp micropigmentation clinic in the world with a barbershop, two full size procedure rooms and a superb dedicated area for client relaxation including couches and flat screen televisions.

The equipment used in our procedure rooms is top of the line, and to aid relaxation, massage chairs are provided for use during your treatment.


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