There is an increased number of young men visiting our Treatment Centers. Most of them are not even in their mid twenties. Their immediate purpose is to end their hair loss before it can gain momentum, but we’re concerned about what the future may hold for these men.

Surgery for this set of patients is difficult. Although there is no exact way to determine the extent or pattern of future hair loss they’re likely to experience, many surgeons will proceed anyway in the pursuit of easy profits. Surgery may result in numerous bald spots due to erroneous hair mapping, defeating the purpose of having surgery in the first place. No doubt those same surgeons will be ready to welcome you back to their clinics in the future for yet more expensive procedures. The irony is hard to ignore.


The standard age before performing hair surgery should be at least in the late twenties. It would be easier to determine the rate of hair loss as well as to identify the potential future balding areas. It is recommended that other methods are employed such as minoxidil or laser therapy if they are at a younger age. This can help decrease the rate of hair loss.

How old one should be to receive hair transplant surgery should be on a case-to-case basis. No two patients are exactly the same. The best action for a concerned youth is to get advice from an experienced professional before proceeding with any hair treatment, however there is no guarantee that the advice you receive is in your best interest.

What’s the solution?

If we could, we would try to prevent almost anyone having hair transplant surgery, regardless of whether they are deemed to be too young or not. Why? Because we deal with the consequences of bad surgery every day. Our scar camouflage cases are just the tip of the iceberg as we’re not allowed to share our worst cases for confidentiality reasons, but they should give you an idea of what happens even just a few years down the line.

The big advantage of having scalp micropigmentation when you’re young instead of a surgical procedure, is that SMP is reversible. If you choose your mind later on, you can always remove it or even change your hairline or other feature to suit your changing preferences. For this reason, SMP is a far safer option for young men than surgery, in fact we believe it is a safer and more viable option for all men, regardless of their age.