Upcoming Master Classes

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The ULTIMATE scalp micropigmentation training opportunity

If you’re looking at ways to get trained as a scalp micropigmentation technician, you’ve probably already come across Scalpa Academy, the in-house training program at Scalp Aesthetics that we use for all our technicians around the world.

Today, I want to talk to you about something even better.

Scalpa Academy is the world’s largest and most popular scalp micropigmentation training program. The format is distance-learning, with support from our training team in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are multiple modules to complete, each one teaching a set of skills that are required to perform high quality procedures, and your work at the end of each module is assessed. At the end of the course, there is a final exam to pass before you are certified by Scalp Aesthetics as a fully trained scalp micropigmentation technician.

Now for the first time EVER, we’re taking our training program one step further by providing face to face training with Scalp Aesthetics CEO & Founder, Bryce Cleveland.

Why is this opportunity so special?

Bryce Cleveland is one of the world’s most experienced scalp micropigmentation technicians. Innovator of the Scalp Aesthetics Technique, the same process used by all our centers worldwide, Bryce has developed the process, the machines, inks and needles from the ground up, to create the ultimate, most advanced incarnation of scalp micropigmentation available, anywhere in the world.

But it gets even better.

As CEO & Founder of the worlds largest scalp micropigmentation company, Bryce Cleveland is dedicating one day of his Training Masterclass to teach you how to build a successful scalp micropigmentation business. For the first time, Bryce will share with you some of the methods we use at Scalp Aesthetics to build and grow our locations, including answers to the all-important question – how to generate more customers.

Cory Humphries

Cory Humphries, former scalp micropigmentation trainee, now regarded as one of the best technicians in the state of New York

If you want to learn from the very best in the business and become one of the world’s finest technicians, and also grow your business beyond what you thought was possible, you need to book your place now.

How to book your place

Trainees taking part in our Masterclass will follow this process:

  • Contact academy@scalp-aesthetics.com to reserve your place
  • A full training pack will be sent to you, including machine and consumables
  • Complete the standard Scalpa Academy program
  • Join the Training Masterclass with Bryce Cleveland, a 3 day intensive course in Scottsdale, Arizona