The ultimate non-surgical hair restoration solution

It is true that hair transplant surgery can be effective. A well-made procedure can create a fuller head of hair in a matter of eight months to a year. The patient has to endure a recovery process that is anywhere between one to six months, with the chance of some hair follicles experiencing “shock loss” in between. There is also the scarring it will surely leave behind. This is something that needs consideration because it requires a good amount of existing hair to cover the marks.

Surgery is not the only option for an efficient hair restoration solution. There is a less invasive but just as effective remedy found in a scalp micropigmentation treatment. This is a procedure that gives its patients the freedom from a hair loss condition by successfully camouflaging it even when it has reached the most advanced stages. The method covers the balding areas with carefully placed pigments resulting in a desired hair pattern over the scalp. It creates an illusion of hair that is imperceptible to an unsuspecting bystander, without any form of surgery.

A scalp micropigmentation procedure is one of the most sought after treatments in the market today. It is fast, safe and reliable. In fact, it would take only two to three hours to finish one session. The entire treatment may need a minimum of two sessions to complete. A seven-day recovery period in between sessions is necessary for the pigments to settle in and fade. This is important to provide the technician an opportunity to observe how to layer the next set in order to create the desired hair pattern.

It requires some necessary steps to be followed to ensure a quality output each and every time. Prospective clients are invited to go through a consultation process prior to the procedure. This is where they discuss their needs as well as what to expect during the scalp micropigmentation treatment with a qualified professional. A friendly atmosphere and discretion regarding their condition underlies every consultation at Scalp Aesthetics.

The client should have had his existing hair shaved off before it begins in order to provide the technician with a smooth “canvas” to work with. There is another style however that allows the patient to retain his actual hair along with scalp micropigmentation. This is possible if the hairline is still intact and there is only diffuse thinning experienced by the crown area. Creating the hair pattern would require that the specialist make shallow perforations upon the scalp to deposit the pigments. This done using equipment, needles and inks specifically intended for scalp micropigmentation.

Recovery will vary for every patient though it would generally take seven days. The redness upon the scalp can fade in about three days and the scabs that resulted from the session will probably come off in six. Some dryness will be experienced during this period that might tempt some patients to scratch their scalp. They must resist the urge to do so as this could meddle with the healing process of the other scabs.

Caring for this treatment is quite easy. The client only needs to clean his scalp daily as well as to make sure that it is properly moisturized. Occasionally trimming any existing hair is encouraged to maximize the effects of a “just-shaved” style. This makes a scalp micropigmentation treatment the ultimate non-surgical hair restoration solution. It is easy to maintain, recovery is quick and the procedure itself provides a lasting remedy for a balding condition.