The best hair loss treatment available for black men

Balding can affect a good majority of the population due to reasons such as stress, illness and medication. All of these instances however cannot compare to the degree of influence genetics can play on hair loss. In fact, over ninety percent of such instances may be attributed to it. Androgenic alopecia is the term used for this balding condition. It is also known as male or female pattern baldness, respectively.

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Among men, androgenic alopecia can show its initial symptoms around their late twenties. Some experience this in their teens though it is more of the exception than the general rule. It begins with a thinning around the temporal regions of the scalp that slowly moves backward. The frontal area above the forehead will also exhibit recession in the hairline. This will be followed by balding in the vertex region of the scalp that will slowly advance in a circular fashion. All of these locations will eventually converge resulting in hair loss on the top of the scalp. Only the lower portions of the sides and back of the head will have coverage.

There is a wide selection of treatment for this type of condition. In its earlier stages, men have opted to try a simple approach through anti hair loss shampoo and topically applied camouflaging agents. The use of medication is usually the next step when the condition appears more evident. Its more potent formulation can address it to a certain degree. Hair transplant surgery may be more appropriate however as it expands its scope provided that there are enough donor hairs to supply the balding areas.

The great thing about scalp micropigmentation is that it can be utilized to treat androgenic alopecia at whatever stage it is in. This can also be used for other hair loss conditions. It is so dynamic that women can likewise enjoy its benefits. As long as there is only diffuse thinning in the vertex region and the hairline has not receded, scalp micropigmentation can work with existing hair. If this is true for women, then the same can be done for men whose balding condition exhibits similar traits.

Those undergoing male pattern baldness however should be happy to know that scalp micropigmentation takes into account their facial features, skin tone and desired hair pattern. This treatment is so dynamic that it is applicable among men from different racial backgrounds. Men of African descent for example require that the pigments be darker and thicker for a more natural result. There would also be hardly any significant fading exhibited over the entire hair design. More care should however be made that these bigger pigments do not merge together. It could create a blotchy looking outcome that would make the treatment easily identifiable.

Scalp micropigmentation is the best hair loss treatment for black African American men, and those of a darker skin tone. A more aggressive and sharper hairline is usually a better match for their facial features due to how their hair naturally grows. This does not mean that other designs could not be selected. There is a chance however that it might look like it is out of place if the hair pattern appears unusual.

It is the essential function of a scalp micropigmentation treatment to be undetectable. Any instance to the contrary would betray its primary purpose. This procedure serves as a permanent camouflaging agent, creating an illusion of hair to remedy almost any balding condition. Even those closest to the patient will have a difficult time pointing out where the line between the actual hair follicles and pigments is located. This proves that a scalp micropigmentation treatment can truly address hair loss effectively as well as discretely.