Are you interested in getting into the SMP business? Do you need extra support with training and more hands on experience? Or do you want to take your skill to a new level? If so then this is the class for you! A one-day intensive training, in your city, with hands on training from the innovator of the industry, Bryce Cleveland.

This will be for all skill levels and Bryce Cleveland will be covering all topics like

  1. Blending into the natural hair using a feathering technique.
  2. Natural and hard hairlines and how to master them.
  3. Fixing bad procedures without using laser removal.
  4. Scar camouflaging and the techniques to make them totally disappear.
  5. Creating density in longer hair and how to do it in fewer sessions.
  6. Techniques on growing and advertising your business as well as consultation support.

All training will be done on a live model so artists see techniques being done on real skin in real life circumstances. The cost is $499 and it will include a 1-day intensive training certificate as well. This training will only be held for groups up to 20, so tickets will sell out quickly.