If you’re reading this Stateside, you might be wondering – who the hell is Salman Khan? The answer is that he’s one of the world’s biggest celebrities, with more fans than most Hollywood A-Listers could dream of. How? Because he’s Bollywood’s biggest star right now, and Bollywood is big business.

Salman Khan after his hair transplantSo why should we care? It’s not like we have any interest in Bollywood here in the United States. The reason I’ve written about this guy is not because of who he is, but because of what he can teach us about the shady world of hair restoration surgery, and why you should consider your options very carefully before going under the knife.

His procedure is regarded as one of the most successful high profile results ever accomplished. At least his second transplant was. His first was screwed up in spectacular fashion.

What’s the timeline?

Salman’s receding hairline first made an appearance in 2002. As the years progressed, his recession became more pronounced and Khan eventually shaved his head. Three years later in 2005, a photograph was published online showing Salman with a clear hair transplant scar at the back of his head.

It was later revealed that he received a poor quality hair transplant in India in 2003, and flew to Dubai in 2007 to have the work corrected by an American doctor. The identity of this American doctor remains undisclosed, and it is believed that further surgery took place in 2013.

What did he have?

Our best guess is three strip procedures, and the inclusion of synthetic fibers woven into his scalp.

What can we learn?

Here is one of the wealthiest Actors alive. Salman is reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars, yet he still got sticked by a bad hair transplant doctor. Furthermore, his scalp has been dealt a legacy he can never remove – scars from at least three procedures, and probable scars and long term scalp damage caused by the introduction of synthetic fibers.

This is a man who has it all – money, fame and as many women as he could ever want. Yet in pursuit of confidence he diced his scalp beyond repair.

What does this mean for the average Joe?

It means you can fall foul of exactly the same problems as Salman Khan has, but with one additional caveat – you probably can’t afford all these procedures as easily as he can.

It breaks my heart to hear the stories of men who come to Scalp Aesthetics, in a state of despair and utter desperation. These were once proud men who had their confidence taken away when they went under the knife. I lose count of how many wish they had never believed the hype, feeling they were sold a dream with little mention of the consequences. From what I can see, although the faces may be different, large parts of the hair transplant industry simply haven’t changed.

If it can happen to Salman, it can happen to anyone. There are some great surgeons out there, but bad results are still the order of the day, in an industry that remains largely unregulated, and is almost impossible to hold to account.

Do yourself a favor. Whether you choose to come to Scalp Aesthetics or not, stay away from surgery. If you saw what we see, or spoke with the people who contact us every day, you’d understand why we want to protect people from making bad choices about their future.

If you need any help or advice, please contact us.