Scalpa Conference

A place where all scalp micropigmenation industry leaders come together to share, cherish, appreciate, collaborate, learn and celebrate. A place where the masters connect with the newcomers, where voices are heard and ideas are born through scalp micropigmentation. A place where we take the time to look at what we have done, where we will go and how we take action together and keep changing lives.

You can’t do it alone, you need support, guidance, and a place to collaborate. ScalpaCon is the place that all scalp micropigmention artist come to connect, have fun and this year IGNITE THE MASTERY. So what are you waiting for? Whether a newcomer or a master artist, this is the place to show your talent!. Let’s grow together and take action around the art at the Scalp Micropigmentation Conference.

OCTOBER 10 – 12TH 2017


All skill levels welcome – IGNITE YOUR MASTERY!


Get tips and tricks on how to create perfect hairlines from the industries, top leaders. We will be going over:

  • Hard Lines
  • Blending into natural hair
  • Scar Camouflaging
  • Density & Female Procedure
  • Depth & Technique
  • & more!