Scalp Aesthetics has always attracted a lot of media attention. It’s nothing new, after all we’re at the cutting edge of the world’s fastest growing solution for one of the most common ailments on the planet – male pattern hair loss.

In an industry worth billions of dollars every year and rife with misinformation and bad practice, Scalp Aesthetics stands out as the company that’s taking the initiative and spearheading change. Our Scottsdale location in Phoenix, AZ is just one of more than 20 Scalp Aesthetics locations nationwide that is improving lives on a daily basis, and we’re doing so with no surgery, no drugs and no false promises.

Our technique has attracted the interst of Fox News. A reporter came to our Scottsdale Treatment Center and witnessed a third session taking place on one of our customers. We all know that reporters take no prisoners when it comes to brutal honestly and cutting questions. That’s how they build their personal reputations and ultimately it’s what they get paid to do, but even the Fox reporter said she couldn’t tell what was real hair and what was SMP, the result was that good.

This is no one-off either. We train the best people in the world to perform our technique, so treatments of this standard are available in all our Centers. We’re also the only specialist in the world to offer a genuine and comprehensive lifetime guarantee.

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Enjoy the video 🙂