Start to Finish, You’re Covered

Scalp Aesthetics has formulated before care, during procedure care, and aftercare products unique for the scalp micropigmentation procedure. We are constantly improving and working to make this life changing process even better, last longer, run smoother, and help more and more men and women such as yourself.



GON is a topical anesthetic that reduces sensitivity by numbing the skin while it reduces bleeding during procedures. GON is powerful, during procedure anesthetics, that is safe for all types of broken skin procedures.

This powerful topical anesthetic contains:

4% lidocaine and 2% tetracaine for numbing
.02% epinephrine to reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding
This unique combination of ingredients contained in GON will create a relaxing procedural experience.



This is a 7 day treatment following your procedure to make sure your procedure heals and cures properly. This wax is specifically made for Scalp Aesthetics procedures and is better than any other product in the industry for scalp micropigmentation aftercare. Made up of triglycerides and wax esters in olive oil for the ultimate moisturizing healing. The emollients help to draw moisture from the air enhancing the humectant process.

Not only does the help heal the scalp micropigmentation, but will also will keep your color lasting longer in your follicle impressions extending the longevity of your procedure.

Rehab was specifically formulated with all-natural ingredients to soothe, heal, and protect your new SMP procedure. It has the added benefit of vitamins and plant based ingredients to promote healing, while also retaining moisture and forming a protective barrier over your new SMP procedure.



Scalpa’s light, quickly absorbed formula moisturizes and dries to a matt finish (never shiny!).


• SPF 30
Oil free, fragrance-free with sebum absorbers to absorb the oil produced by your skin throughout the day.
• Light, quickly absorbed formula moisturizes and dries to a matt finish (never shiny!). For daily and overnight skin hydration.
• Oil-Free and Fragrance-Free.
• Dries to a matt finish (no shine!) For all skin types.
• Ultra-concentrated – Delivers up to 120 applications (4 months worth)
• Compact size and locking top ideal for travel, the locker room or limited bathroom space.
• TSA approved for carry on luggage.
Cruelty Free, Vegan. Contains no animal ingredients and never tested on



This is the complete kit for your Scalp micropigmentation procedure. You will be covered from start to finish! In this Scalpa Care Kit you will receive:

  • GON – Redness Relief 
  • REHAB – Aftercare Wax 
  • MATTE – Daily SPF 
  • MATTE 2 – Coming Soon