How Scalp Aesthetics Procedure Using Scalp Micropigmentation is the Best Solution for All Types of Alopecia is simple…..

The average human head has a total of 2,000 hairs per alopeciasquare inch. When a person experiences hair thinning problems, they usually find it very depressing. The stigma attached to premature aging and balding which affects both sexes highly affects a person’s mood and confidence level. It could also considerably affect their psychological and mental health. The solution to this problem is Scalp Micropigmentation or more popularly known as Hair Tattoo. It’s the best non-surgical scalp grooming procedure for both men and women. It’s a phenomenal life changing treatment in which natural pigments are applied to the scalp’s epidermal level. This is done to replicate the hair’s natural appearance with real strands of hair follicles. This is the best method of treatment available in the market today. The most amazing thing about it is that it uses only natural pigments in its application process. You’ll be assured that it’s proven safe and effective without having any damaging effects on your health. Experts who are highly trained to perform this procedure are aware that hair follicles don’t always grow in just one specific direction. So they replicate the natural hair growth and pattern of each patient following the original hair. They are also aware that hair follicles are not always the same shade or color. They will usually use 3 to 4 shades of pigment so you could achieve the most realistic and natural finish after the procedure.

Another great thing about Scalp Micropigmentation is that it’s safe and suitable for all ages, skin types, color, and even the various stages of hair loss and alopecia. Basically, if you encounter hair loss problems at any point in your life, this will be the ultimate solution. The entire process of the strand or follicle build up usually happens within three different sessions. Each one takes approximately three to four hours to finish. It also requires at least a week in between sessions. This ensures that your hair and your head doesn’t feel too worked up because of the procedure. It will also make the entire process have a subtle and gradual rejuvenation of the hairline. A cartridge containing three needles who all work at a similar pace gently injects the natural pigment onto the second dermal skin layer. The process of pigment spacing is also determined by the replication of the remaining hair follicles. As a result, your hair will look and feel as natural as possible. There are other available treatments in the market but they aren’t proven safe and effective. When you’re getting any type of treatment done, you should always consider its benefits before doing the procedure.

People who suffer from alopecia will find Scalp Micropigmentation very beneficial for them. Since they experience different variations of hair loss, the procedure will help eliminate them in many ways. Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss which happens when the immune system is unaware that it attacks hair follicles. The damage on a person’s hair is usually not permanent. It is most common on children younger than 20 years old but affects both men and women on the same level. When a person notices a clump of hair falling out, that is usually the first sign of having the condition. There are also instances wherein the hair may start to grow thinner without having any noticeable patches related to baldness. But in very rare cases, people who are affected experience complete loss of scalp and body hair. When there are evident patches of hair loss, it will usually grow back in a few months’ time. But even if it grows back in the same texture, it could change its color from black or blonde to white. Statistics have shown that around 10% of people who have this condition will not be able to experience hair regrowth in the future. Instead, they are prone to have permanent hair loss.

There are certain factors which can cause permanent hair loss in a person affected with alopecia. The first one is if they have a family history of the condition. Alopecia can be genetically transferred so if any one in your family currently has it or has had it in the past, there is a high chance that you will have it too. Another factor related to this is if you started having the condition at a very young age, usually before puberty or longer than a year. While you were still a child, you might have had it already and it continued on through your adulthood. If you have allergies, most commonly atopy, you can also experience permanent hair loss. Another distinctive factor is if you have an abnormal texture, color, alopiciathickness, or shape on your fingernails and toenails. All of these factors contribute to the high possibility of permanent hair loss. Hair is an important part of a person’s appearance. It gives us a boost of confidence and self-esteem. Because hair loss is usually connected to certain stereotypes, people who suffer from it often feel unattractive. Some of them even have their toenails and fingernails appear pitted. It could look as if a pin has been making tiny dents on them. There are instances when the nails could look like sandpaper. Although alopecia cannot be permanently cured, it can be treated. If a person has already experienced one episode of hair loss, there’s a very high chance that he will continue to get more episodes.

Now that we understand how the condition works, let’s take a look at why Scalp Micropigmenation is the only solution for alopecia compared to all other alternatives. The common treatment options for alopecia usually do not work or only give temporary effects. These other treatments include dithranol creams, topical coticosteroid creams, minoxidil, and painful corticosteroid injections. Any of these options do not come close to the many benefits connected with Scalp Micropigmentation. Alopecia areata is commonly diagnosed with a physical examination and medical history. The doctor will typically ask certain questions regarding your hair loss. They will also examine your scalp and look at your hair loss pattern. The doctor may also gently pull or tug a few hairs. If the doctor cannot determine the exact cause of the problem, they will normally perform some tests. The most common one is hair analysis. This involves the doctor taking a sample of your hair and examining it under a microscope. They may also take a scalp sample. Blood tests are also done to determine if you have specific thyroid conditions such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

There are plenty of benefits of undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation treatments. You can give the appearance of a full and youthful looking head. It could disguise the condition by imitating very natural looking hair so people will never have to know that you are affected by it. It could also simulate and mimic a complete hairline specifically full frontal, sides, and rear. The procedure will make you look like you have no hair problems at all since it does an amazing job in evening out your hair growth. It can also restore hairlines of people who have semi-bald or completely bald heads. If you’re feeling uneasy about being bald, this is the only treatment which can give you maximum benefits. It could camouflage scarring which is caused by previous hair transplant surgeries. This will make you regain your self-confidence. Scalp Micropigmentation could also hide birthmarks, burns, or scars on your head. Other treatments only offer temporary affects so you’ll end up losing more money than you originally intended.alopicia

Recent studies have revealed that there are approximately 31 million men and 21 million women who suffer from various types of hair loss problems. Many people continue to be unaware of the latest and most high tech treatment which helps combat thinning hair and baldness. Scalp Micropigmentation is a great alternative to other hair transplants and systems. The results of having treatment is almost always undetectable. There are thousands of people both and women who have this condition but you won’t notice it because of how natural it looks. The hair will appear as if you’ve just recently shaved it. When used for treating thinning hair and bald spots, the density of the hair will increase dramatically. It is definitely a great alternative to hair loss problems using non-surgical procedures. Its effects are long term which could last decades. In terms of price, it varies depending on how much work needs to be done for each patient. Some conditions are more complicated than others which will cost more. In general, the price starts from $2,500 for mild thinning hair problems. On the other hand, it could reach up to $6,000 for more serious full head hair restorations. The best part about undergoing the treatment is that it’s a completely painless procedure. It’s very important to know the origins of alopecia before getting treated. It is only suitable for people who have had their scalp scars for over a year and is completely healed. When you have a hypertrophic scar, you will have to get it treated first before undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation. A lot of people who have tried it are very happy because they see the results immediately. They don’t have to wear hats or caps anymore to hide their condition.

It’s important to understand that Scalp Micropigmentation is a lightly evasive process which uses very little ink impressions which is placed on a person’s scalp to make it look fuller and hide the bald spots. This is why it’s now more popularly known as Hair Tattoo. The effect is very realistic. This procedure is the most low maintenance treatment that people suffering from alopecia can undergo to eliminate hair loss problems. Some people even choose to have the procedure done years before they start experiencing any type of thinning or baldnalopiciaess. It gives the person affected by the condition the freedom to choose the exact look they want to have. This means picking out the shape of the hairline as well as the specific pigment they want to use. Although the condition isn’t life threatening, it can give psychological effects such as low self esteem, anxiousness, and feeling unattractive. The stigma about premature balding should be eliminated. It is not the person’s choice to have the condition. Most of them feel judged and mistreated when people start noticing their bald spots or thinning hair. It’s important to understand that the condition can be treated. The most efficient and productive way to do it is by undergoing Scalp Micropigmentation. It’s a pain free, low maintenance, and safe non-surgical procedure.

In conclusion, alopecia affects thousands of men and women around the world. Dermatologists who have studied it over the past few years have examined samples under a microscope. They have noticed that there is a common characteristic feature in the scalp biopsy from patients who had the condition. It is the constant presence of immune cells or inflammatory cells which can be seen on the bottom area of the affected hair follicles. The cell that was always present in their studies is called T lymphocyte which is a white blood cell. A lot of researchers have made extensive efforts to study the interaction of the inflammatory cells together with the T lymphocyte. They continuously study why the immune cells unintentionally affects the hair follicles. This causes the interruption of hair growth and what causes baldness. The most common medications which are prescribed in order to treat the condition are a variety of anti-inflammatory medications. These include intralesional or topical steroid injections. Depending on the extensiveness of the condition, it could be more difficult to treat. The use of topical immunotherapy together with squaric acid dibutylester and diphencyprone is extensively used in a lot of countries. The downside to this is that these are not exactly drugs like the ones we regularly buy from the pharmacy. They are actually harmful chemicals which are not approved by the FDA. This is the reason that a lot of doctors refuse to use them. There are a lot of drugs being examined to treat and cure alopecia but so far, in today’s market, Scalp Micropigmentation is the best and only treatment available.