How To Repair A Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

Not all SMP providers are created equal.
If you’ve received a bad treatment, we can help.

In the all the years Scalp Aesthetics has been in business, we thought we had seen it all! But over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of poorly trained cosmetic permanent makeup artists, tattooists and even hair transplant surgeons trying to get into this field. They’re basically using clients as crash test dummies and causing horrible results.

Why do procedures go bad?

Inexperienced providers and their technicians can obviously make a range of different mistakes during a procedure, but there are two serious errors that keep turning up again and again. The wrong pigments applied to the scalp at the wrong penetration depth.

The problem is that these companies try to base their version of SMP on a tattooing technique, or a permanent makeup technique. So they buy tattoo ink or permanent makeup pigment, then use the same process to apply the pigment to the scalp.

This does NOT work. Why? Because these pigments made up of many constituent colors including blue, green and purple. The color will look good at first, but over a three week period, your head will start to change color as it softens. Those undertones will start to show and you will end up looking like you have a blue head.

The other issue is dot size. By depositing the ink too deeply, as almost all inexperienced technicians do, you will end up with huge dots all over your head. It’s sad how many people walk into our offices with blue polka-dotted heads. We feel it could ruin this amazing industry.

What should you do?

At Scalp Aesthetics we offer repair work to rectify bad scalp micropigmentation treatments. If you’ve received a treatment that you don’t feel is to the right standard, stop your provider from adding any more pigment. We cannot stress this enough. Just call us.

We’ll assess your situation for free, and see what we can do to help you. Just confidential, honest, upfront advice with no agenda and no obligation.

Just so you know, Scalp Aesthetics ink can never turn blue. In fact, it’s impossible. This is because our pigment contains NO constituent colors. No blue, no green and no purple. When you have SMP at Scalp Aesthetics, rest assured you’re in the safest possible hands.