Remember those bald photos of Britney Spears?

There are some celebrities whose personal lives are so colorful that it can sometimes attract more attention than their career. Why this happens could largely be attributed to the media who mercilessly expose every single detail of their privacy. It is true that their chosen profession makes them more open to scrutiny. A clear line however should be drawn between what is open for public consumption and that which is best left out of sight. It is simply a matter of good taste and basic respect for another human being. These stars after all, do not derive any economic benefit from the widespread display of their most vulnerable of moments. Neither did they give any consent thereto. Using them as subjects to generate increased magazine and advertising space blatantly goes below the line of common decency.

A bald Britney Spears


Avoiding the paparazzi was an arduous task that Britney Spears had to go through. In fact, it was a daily ordeal that obviously took a toll on her both physically and mentally. This manifested itself through her behavior that seemed to be free of any inhibitions whatsoever. It is true that she is at liberty to act in what ever way she wants to. At that time however, it seemed that it was more of a destructive way of dealing with the trials she was facing. This was surely aggravated due to unscrupulous photographers and reporters documenting her every move that put her under a more unflattering light.

The string of mini scandals she had to endure ultimately culminated in that famous bald photograph of her. She may have had her own reasons to shave her head on that day. It may also be true that she did it to hide any trace of her drug use. Whatever her motivations for doing so, such act should have been kept private. It portrayed Spears at her lowest point and was feasted on by an unforgiving public.

Every detail of her life was so profitable at that time. Her bald photograph was reputed to have sold for close to $500,000. Imagine the sales the tabloids made from this alone. It surely was able to cover the cost of this one photograph and then some. Sadly, everyone except Britney Spears was able to benefit from this. Those that did were able to do so either monetarily or to satisfy their misplaced curiosity. Britney was left to fend for her own confused and ridiculed, with what felt like the entire world watching her every move.

Fortunately she has been able to put this all behind her. Spears has been able to recover from her trials and has learned to distance herself from her greedy tormentors. She now looks more fit and healthy. This is a far cry from how she appeared on the day that infamous photograph was taken.

It is sincerely hoped that she continues on this path that has her exuding a more positive aura. The music industry as well as her fans is surely looking forward to enjoy more of her creativity and talent. May her story also inspire all those who are going through difficulties of their own. Despite falling from grace at the magnitude that she has fallen, Spears has shown that it is possible to recover.