Matthew McConaughey is a great actor and one of the most prevalent sex symbols of Hollywood. He is not the only one who ages, and certainly not the first (nor the last) to deal with the issue of baldness. His receding hairline gradually became apparent in his public appearances over the years; however, if you look at him today you will see that hairline back in position with a full head of hair. The likely provider of such a change? Hair transplant surgery.

There are a lot of men who consider a hair transplant to be the best solution for the problem of hair loss, although there are many methods one can use, not only to get hair back but to prevent its loss. Medication is an important method to mention. There are Ayurvedic treatments that have been known to inhibit hair loss, and oils that if applied daily to the scalp can improve thickness. The last option that should be considered is a hair transplant, although it seemed to work for Matthew McConaughey to make it a priority and jump right to the shortcut. He got a good job done and women love his new, fresh look.

Matthew McConaughey

Do celebrities have it easy when it comes to baldness?

The factors that cause hair loss are varied, and even if you are a celebrity it can’t be avoided. The lifestyle of the rich and famous doesn’t help the problem either. From very stressful work schedules to heavy use of hair and skin products, straightening and curling irons, dies, and unnatural lighting – it’s no wonder so many turn to surgery. McConaughey never admitted that his returning thick hair was the result of a hair transplant. He claimed it was the use of a tropical product that brought him from that balding pattern back to a perfect hairline. Possible yes, but not so probable considering the drastic nature of the change.

There is always the option of wearing a piece, though many people feel wigs aren’t comfortable and are concerned about their durability, the upkeep and maintenance, and potential stigma. More uncommonly known is that long-term use of wigs can lead to alopecia and no one wants to increase hair loss by what’s supposed to be a solution.

Is there a better solution?

Many celebrities, as well as everyday guys like you and I, are shunning hair transplant surgery in favor of scalp micropigmentation. Why? Because SMP provides long lasting, guaranteed results whereas surgery does not. For a clean modern appearance, there can be no better solution.

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