Justus Samuel has been wearing hats for over 15 years to cover his baldness. He is in the spotlight a lot as being a spokesperson, talking in front of young kids, doing rap festivals and various community projects. He would always wear a heavy fedora to hide his balding when wearing suits. He had to always keep up his image and was so insecure about his balding. He wasn’t searching for a solution because he settled with the fact that balding would be a reality he had to deal with the rest of his life. While looking in a magazine, he came across a story on the owner of Scalp Aesthetics, Bryce Cleveland and could relate to what he had been through.

 He couldn’t believe there was such a thing as scalp micropigmentation and knew he had to jump on it. This procedure and totally changed his life. He walks with confidence, can stand on stage and really feel good about having no hats. He said after getting the scalp micropigmentation procedure done, he would donate all his hats to children and those in need and he did just that. He is a true inspiration and has shown people through example on how to walk through life as their full self. You see, balding was holding him back from walking his true destiny he felt, it held him back from doing certain events, going to certain places because his balding would make him feel insecure. We know many people feel this way and scalp micropigmentation has been what has unleashed them to their full potential. We can’t wait to see Justus at the next Arizona Hip Hop Festival with no hat on and just feeling so confident!