How to avoid a bad scalp micropigmentation treatment

A scalp micropigmentation treatment is a pretty straightforward process from the clients point of view. Unlike other solutions like hair transplant surgery that require long recovery periods, or other treatments like finasteride and minoxidil that don’t always work and may cause side effects, scalp micropigmentation offers guaranteed, instantaneous results when delivered by a skilled Scalp Aesthetics technician.

On the other hand, SMP treatments are not at all simple from a technicians point of view, hence the requirement for high quality training and experience. The specialist will use an exclusively made three-headed tool that has fine needles on its tip. This is used to make shallow penetrations on the patient’s scalp to deposit specially made pigment colors. The client is usually advised to go home after the session and return in approximately one week, to allow their scalp to heal and for the pigments to settle-in. Fading should be expected. The patient returns to the clinic to be examined by the technician on the degree of the “settling-in” of pigments on their scalp. This will help the specialist know how to approach the next session. The SMP treatment will be complete after two or three sessions.

good-smpClients are then reminded not to wet their scalp for at least twenty-four hours after the last session. They are also advised not to shave their head within seventy-two hours. Moisturizer should be applied but only those that are recommended by the specialist. Finally, exercise may only be resumed five days after a treatment. These are the guidelines to expect from a good SMP provider.

Knowing what a good SMP provider is will help one to identify a bad one. Basically, the kind to avoid will not exhibit some or any of the points described above. It is important that they make time to discuss the procedure one is to receive. Not using the right equipment or facilities should cause one to pause from continuing with the treatment. If the “specialist” insists, the client may simply turn away and go the opposite direction. Not all however, would be frauds. One should make sure that the technician who is assigned to their case is adept at handling it. There are some specialists who may be good at administering pigments on Caucasian men but fail to exhibit the same excellence in African American men. This is because while both cases are alike in terms of an SMP procedure being received, it is in the method that it is applied that makes them different. Caucasian men require different pigment colors that are arranged in a fading pattern. African American men naturally have thicker, darker hair of greater density. Their SMP pigments have to follow such characteristics. There are also certain hairstyles which best suits men according to their skin tone. One should remember to ask their technician what skin tone they specialize in to avoid any untoward situation.

The number one factor to watch out for in order to avoid a bad SMP treatment is its price. The very best Treatment Centers offer a high quality, good value service, but do not offer heavy discounts or incentives to win your business. Any clinic that does this should be avoided.

In sum, one should try to look for professionalism and accurate pricing to find a good SMP clinic. Always research to find out if they have a professional website with real and verifiable before and after photos, if they offer a guarantee (at Scalp Aesthetics we guarantee our treatments for life) and if they were able to answer the questions asked in a professional and informative manner.

Scalp micropigmentation is an incredible solution for hair loss when delivered correctly, however please be aware that the high standards customers expect from Scalp Aesthetics are not delivered elsewhere by default.