Many people wonder how exactly they can ensure they achieve the best possible result from their scalp micropigmentation treatment. Your technician or treatment advisor should take the lead here, however knowledge is power, and you should learn as much as you can about the process beforehand so you can ask the right questions.

There are some straightforward actions that you can take if you wish to achieve the best possible results. When all is said and done however, the most important decision you will make is choosing the right person for the job.

Choosing your expert

Of course experience plays a key part in this, but it is not the only area for consideration. There are those who have done wonders with just a few months of experience, and those with years and several hundred heads behind them, who still don’t provide good results consistently enough. You should be able to rely on your technician, so choosing the right one is paramount.

The very best results by Scalp Aesthetics

Make sure you take the company behind the technician into consideration as well. As well as a world-class procedure, you need first rate service and aftercare. You need to pick a company that provides the right advice, regardless of its own self-interest, before during and after your treatment is complete.

Communication is key

To achieve the very best result from your treatment, your technician needs to understand exactly what look you desire. If you want to recreate how you looked when you were younger, then bring a photo of you when you had that look so your tech understands what you’re shooting for. If you want a slightly receded hairline or sparser look, explain in detail and if possible try to show some examples. You need to discuss every detail with them either via phone or e-mail, or even when you get into the chair for your first treatment. It doesn’t matter, as long as they understand what you want. Your technician will never rush this process.

This is why a bit of research might be a good idea before you head on. Make sure you take photographs of results that you like and don’t like and discuss them as best as possible with your technician.

In most cases you will be working with only one person from pre-treatment to the end of your procedure. If you need to communicate with more than one person, you need to make sure that all your ideas and requirements are laid on the table a second time with the second person.

Make sure you disclose all your anxieties and questions throughout the whole process. This will help avoid taking home any unnecessary concerns once you are done for the day.

Be aware of the process

Although there is little doubt that scalp micropigmentation is the best solution for hair loss in many circumstances, remember the Scalp Aethetics Technique (SAT) is far more advanced than any regular hair tattoo you may have considered. It takes a huge time commitment and skill to achieve a seamless effect, but rest assured our techs are at the top of their game. Even after choosing Scalp Aesthetics however, remember to manage your expectations and remember what you aim to achieve. This is what you can expect:

  • There is a certain amount of fading that you can expect between treatments, and this is normal. Make sure you discuss it if you are feeling anxious about it.
  • There are cases in which longer hair is possible after SMP, but in most situations you will need to keep everything shaved close to the scalp. Make sure your technician is aware of your intentions, if your aim is to keep it longer.
  • Make sure you remain flexible regarding the number of treatment sessions you need. There is no valid way to anticipate the amount of fading after the first treatment, and for this reason you need to allow for as many sessions as are necessary to finish the job. Most clients need 2-3 sessions.

Be confident!

This might sound obvious, but remember to own your new look. This is a life-changing procedure that will give you back your lost self-esteem, so prepare yourself for it and enjoy the ride. Above all it is important to let go of your hair loss. That’s the best thing about scalp micropigmentation – you can put it behind you for good, so do just that and move on a happier and more confident you.