The combined 56 million men and women who are going bald in the United States have two choices. They can either embrace their baldness, or they can seek hair loss restoration treatments, like scalp pigmentation (which are natural hair tattoos). While some graciously accept their baldness and are perfectly comfortable with it, the majority of folks are not — and may need hair loss restorations to feel confident about themselves.

Yet for some unknown reason, only 811,363 Americans per year ever seek hair loss restoration treatments, which means the vast majority of people are underestimating the benefits of improving their self confidence. If you’re on the fence about whether you should pursue the path of hair loss restoration, here are a few benefits of having a good amount of self confidence.

Self Confidence Is Healthy.

Did you know that according to the National Mental Health Information Center, people with higher levels of self-confidence are more mentally healthy? Having confidence in yourself means you’re more likely to take care of yourself, which ultimately means you’ll live a healthier lifestyle and a more fulfilling life.

Self Confidence Makes You Happier.

When compared with people who lack self confidence, the people who are more assured of themselves tend to be happier, according to instructors at Confidence Building Courses. If you’re more confident in yourself, you have more energy to embrace good relationships, careers, and all of the things that life has to offer.

Self Confidence Makes You More Social.

Self confident folks generally tend to feel relaxed when they meet people in social situations, because they’re not relying on the opinion of others. When you’re not afraid of rejection, social environments became much more enjoyable. Plus, happy people generally tend to be attractive to others, which means that it’s logical that these people will flourish and blossom in social situations.

Basically, if you improve your self confidence with a hair loss restoration, you’ll be healthier, happier, and more socially adept. What more is there to want? If you have any questions about hair loss restorations, feel free to ask in the comments.