Gene Simmons is definitely going bald

There are a few legends of rock and roll that have been able to transcend their persona and build on their past success. Those that are still alive today continue to perform in their chosen field, content to share music that their fans are very appreciative for. It takes a special person brave enough to deviate from a craft that has brought him immense success and experiment in the unknown. What is even more inspiring is to be able to be successful in these new ventures where they notably have less experience. It makes them even more larger than life while at the same time, allows them to identify with a wider audience.

Gene Simmons

People first came to know Gene Simmons for his onstage alter ego in the seventies as the bassist and lead vocals of the rock band, Kiss. It had a cult following which still exists today, establishing it among the icons of Americana. As its fame slowly subsided in the eighties, Simmons was keen enough to delve into acting roles in film and television. He also appeared in music videos as well as in video games. Gene has never been one to shy away from the spotlight and he continued his television career with the hit reality series Family Jewels that aired from 2006 to 2012. He also published books about his band, women and himself. Ever the entrepreneur, Gene also tried venturing into the magazine business coming out with five issues of a men’s lifestyle magazine titled: Gene Simmons’ Tongue. He is likewise known for producing the rock band Van Halen in the late seventies that was able to generate a good following of its own.

Simmons constantly maximizes his talents by challenging himself to excel in the different fields of the entertainment industry. It seems like he does this with all aspects of his life, even with his appearance. Throughout the years, Gene’s look has rarely changed as he has always worn his hair long. He is already sixty-five years old, a prime candidate for very noticeable androgenic alopecia. It can be observed that his temporal regions have receded to begin forming an M-shaped hair pattern though it seems to have been be covered by a hairpiece rather than his actual hair. The balding could have been more severe than what most thought to believe.

Male pattern baldness affects close to seventy percent of men during their lifetime. It is a progressive condition that gradually causes the scalp to lose hair as a man ages. Genetics is the reason that this manifests itself as balding and is expected to exhibit its early signs around the age of thirty. There are cases however where hair loss is experienced at an earlier age.

This is why it is admirable how Simmons has been able to avoid a condition that besets most men even before they reach their forties. The chances of his scalp being exposed by this time are definitely greater. He may have been getting a lot of help from make-up experts and image consultants in his line of work however.

Recent photographs have surfaced showing his scalp totally free of hair. It does not even have coverage on the sides and the back of the head. This makes it difficult to pinpoint if this was an intentional move to conceal the degree of his balding or if he merely wanted to revamp his overall image.

What is clear is that Gene Simmons will continue to be a rock legend, inspiring the imagination and creativity of those that seek to learn from his example. He is a man who chose to go beyond the confines of his success and ventured out to seek other fields to excel in. The current state of his hair may just be an expression of his mental attitude. He probably feels that if he could be comfortable with long hair, why could he not also feel the same way with his head being totally bald?