Newcastle Upon Tyne now has a Scalp Aesthetics location that is just a few miles away from the city centre. Our plush treatment facility can be found in the Jesmond area along Holly Avenue West.
Those residing in as well as nearby this city no longer have to travel to access a high quality service. They can choose to benefit from the efficiency and precision of scalp micropigmentation delivered by none other than the world leader in hair replication processes. There have been more or less fifty thousand people worldwide who have experienced the positive effects of this procedure.
Scaling down the size of our treatment facility allows us to price our services lower than our closest competitors. The client is able to receive up to three full sessions starting at just £1500, depending on their needs. Patients can expect to receive the same high quality results without the higher price tag charged elsewhere. They will still be serviced by the most experienced technicians using state of the art equipment specifically intended for scalp micropigmentation.
7 Holly Ave W
New Castle Upon Tyne, NE2 2AR
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