When working new projects I think sometimes we get fixated on the goal and forget how to enjoy the process of creating it. If you live your life this way, you are permanently stuck in a state of anxiety and dissatisfaction, which affects relationships with others, yourself and the life around you. I fail at times, but try to practice letting go of the emotional attachment to the outcome and the NEED of getting there while still maintaining a healthy sense of urgency to create the outcome. It is indeed a practice, NOW is all we have so lets enjoy it! Having children really puts this in perspective for me.

I have owned and operated a bunch of different companies and I used to value making money as top priority. It

brought a lot dissatisfaction and grief into my life. Once I enjoyed the people I cultivated, the process, the nature of the business, things started to shift for me. Sometimes I think in business people take shortcuts all in the name of

making a few extra dollars when the key is to invest in your company and really take pride what you do. The money


will always follow, I try to always remember why I started.. Remember why this was so important.. We all can get

caught up in days where we look up and question our intentions, our integrity and our basis for doing what we are doing… I’ve been fortunate to have gone through the hardships of making money and realizing it didn’t make me any happier. It was the people that shared the same vision I did that made me happy.

So really look into your heart and think about what you are doing right

now? What is it for? What is your purpose?.. and are you enjoying the process?