Do you know what? As an industry-wide rule, this is a really tough question to answer. As in all vocations there are true experts, and there are people who are less so. It is this variance that makes the question difficult to answer.

If the question were changed to “Does SMP at Scalp Aesthetics look like real hair”, the answer would be straightforward – yes it does. If the question relates to the SMP industry in general, it varies so much from place to place that it would be entirely dependent on the company you choose for your treatment.

torontoWhy so much variance?

Because there are those in the hair restoration industry who think that SMP is easy and treat it like a cash cow, often with dire consequences.

On the face of it, scalp micropigmentation is straightforward enough. Behind the name however is a highly complex process that takes years to master and perfect. It is not a simple process, nor should it be treated as such. To think that any tattoo shop can give you a realistic replication of hair is unwise and dangerous. Ethical tattoo shops will turn you away, but the world is not a perfect place and many will give in to your request in exchange for dollars. It’s not pretty, but it’s just how it is.

What makes a great micropigmentation technician?

There is no specific formula. Scalp Aesthetics technicians come from a variety of backgrounds from permanent makeup, medical micropigmentation, art, design, marketing…. even tattooing. What unites them is a creative flair, a willingness to learn and a passionate desire to deliver outstanding experiences for our clients.

What do other providers do?

Let’s be honest here – Scalp Aesthetics might be the best, but we’re not the only reputable game in town. We are not trying to say that only Scalp Aesthetics can do scalp micropigmentation because that’s not the case. The sad truth however is that of a couple of hundred providers around the world, only two or three consistently deliver high quality results. The rest are doing nothing more than glorified tattooing, and passing it off as SMP.

Common practices include hair transplant surgeons trying their hand at SMP. Doctors are not artists, far from it, and so far results from their profession are hit and miss at best, and extremely poor at worst. Some even offer to train others how to do scalp micropigmentation. The spread of low quality services is a big problem.

Another common problem is those companies who say you can keep your hair long. In reality most of them specialize in this kind of treatment because the clients longer hair covers up their substandard results. Trust us we’ve seen it with our own eyes, and it ain’t pretty. SMP can be used with long hair, but the need for a high quality service remains unchanged.

Ultimately the answer to the original question is that SMP can (and does) look like real hair, as long as you do your due diligence and understand that not all SMP is created equal. Choose the right Treatment Center however, and the results will blow your mind.