Do bald men make the best actors?

Acting allows a person to breathe life into a character, whether imagined or real, and subject it to his own interpretation. They become united in order to provide a performance targeted to inform and evoke the emotions of the audience. How well an actor is able to do this will be the gauge of his success. This does not mean however that acting is the only means to achieve this end. Costume, make-up and special effects can play a large role in conveying the desired outcome. Background music is also made use of by synchronizing it as a scene is enacted. The different tones and pitches are manufactured to suggest the proper reaction from the observer. These are but some among the many different components that go toward achieving a good portrayal of the subject.


Being able to immediately identify with a character is not always easy. It requires finding the appropriate emotion among the full range that is available. This is only possible if the actor has gone through it himself. Some even practice method acting by placing themselves in situations or settings that could create in their own minds and hearts the desired effect. The actors in turn convey this through their acting to to generate the same emotion in their audience. This allows them to be able to provide a more authentic experience. Sincerity after all, is one of the hallmarks of good acting and the portrayal should look as real as possible. It allows the character to be brought into the moment without necessarily creating the actual consequences if the same happened in real life. Everything is left in the world of pretend once the performance is over.

This is something that really good actors can draw upon consistently. Being able to regularly convince an audience requires a certain amount of skill and experience. Actors such as Sean Connery, Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis possess such admirable traits. It is the similarity that is shared by the most talented ones in their field.


Another comparison with these great actors is the state of their hair. Notice how Patrick Stewart, Sir Ben Kingsley and even Jason Statham all have an exposed scalp. The list continues with Terence Stamp, Billy Zane and John Malkovich. There is hardly anyone that can deny the caliber of the acting prowess of these men. They might excel in different genres though the potency of their performances is felt just the same. It might be safe to conclude that garnering success in their chosen craft is not inextricably tied to an aesthetic archetype. Any actor as long as he exudes an appealing combination of sincerity and authenticity, has a greater chance of being counted among the best in the industry.

It is true that men as they age will most certainly lose their hair. Most of these actors are already well past middle age and the shedding upon their scalp is expected. It does not mean however that they cannot seek treatment for it. One of the easiest ways to get one is through a scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedure. It has a quick recovery period with results that can be appreciated after a few days. An SMP is perfect for the duration of an assigned movie role because it minimizes prep time for a scene. It also keeps the actor in character while they are not shooting. Most importantly, they have the option to retain the treatment even after the movie has completed with its filming.