Edward Norton with hairBaldness affects most of us men at some point in our lives. It’s a fact of life and unless you choose scalp micropigmentation, fighting it makes a bitter struggle. The chances are you’ll either end up scarred from multiple hair transplants, impotent from long term Propecia usage or paranoid that your concealer or hair system is going to let you down. I realise I’m exaggerating a little, but my point remains the same.

What then, if you’re a Hollywood A Lister? What if your image, your career, your entire life, is wrapped up in how you look? Major celebrities lose their hair just the same as you and I, so how do they deal with it?

Take Edward Norton for example. One of the most desirable men in Hollywood, Edward has had more hairstyles than I care to mention. We all remember his Nazi-inspired skinhead from American History X, but if you happen to pull the Blu-Ray out of your closet anytime soon, take a closer look at his shaven hairline. Even back in 1998 when the movie was produced, it was already obvious that his hairline was receding significantly and the classic balding ‘island’ was well on its way.

Since then however, it is hard not to notice how much his frontal hairline appears to have improved. Now, instead of being a curved line that goes towards the back of the head, is a much more straight line that goes from temple to temple. The island is gone and his hairline is restored. There isn’t a pill or a lotion in the world that can achieve a complete hairline restoration like Edwards. No, the only feasible answer is hair transplant surgery.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton has carved a reputation for himself as something of a Hollywood hard man following American History X, and later in his career Fight Club and many others. You’d be forgiven therefore for thinking that he doesn’t give a damn about his hair, or losing it for that matter. Tough guys like Edward don’t care about that stuff, right?

Think again. There is little doubt that hair restoration surgery is responsible for his more youthful appearance, so if it wasn’t bothering him, he wouldn’t have gone under the knife. Really if he’d thought about it a little more, scalp micropigmentation would have made a lot of sense for Norton, especially as his fans are familiar with his short hairstyle already. It would have been an easy transition.