David Beckham has NOT had a hair transplant

One of the world’s most famous football superstars has got to be David Beckham. He first started playing in 1992 for Manchester United and has won numerous championships and accolades along the way. Beckham was also one of the highest paid football players of his generation. This top caliber athlete has also appeared in movies and in a plethora of endorsements. He has recently retired from the game that he has loved since he was a child. David is married to Victoria Beckham of the famous nineties girl band The Spice Girls.

David Beckham

What makes him all the more popular however is his unique sense of style. He is definitely one of the most widely imitated male fashion icons. There is something about the way he carries himself that exudes a unique sense of confidence. His choices in clothing have certainly evolved throughout the years. It has always been followed with each and every change in trends. The most notable form of male mimicry has always been his hairstyle. David Beckham has certainly gone through a lot of them. There was the mullet, the cropped look, the baby Mohawk, the longhair stage, the skinhead and the unforgettable bedhead look.

There have been rumors that old Becks is starting to grow bald. These talks may have foundation as he is indeed fast approaching the age of forty. Men usually have a noticeable recession in their hairline at such an age. Hair loss is said to begin at the age of thirty. It can even begin much earlier for some men. David may be losing his hair. It may not however be at the rate as some may think that he is. His recent photos alone can attest to this.

Ever the trendsetter, he has decided to sport the undercut look for 2014. This may have been the reason why some think that he is losing his hair. An undercut hairstyle shaves the sides of the head while growing out the top portion. There may be some occasions where the top corners of the temples are shaved. It tries to create a widow’s peak pattern. This creates a sharper image. Hairstylists do undercut versions of this style. Such move may have been mistaken as David’s receding hairline. This cannot be further from the truth as he still has a full head of hair to style and set as he pleases.

It may also be worth of note that there are no reports of Beckham undergoing any hair procedures or surgery. Nothing has been said of him receiving hair plugs. There is no area where he needs a hair transplant as it is really growing normally from all over his scalp. The undercut look did not take from the sides and the back of his head to transplant it to the top of his scalp. It was just a basic haircut that is styled quite well. There are no photographs or scarring that can prove that an operation has been conducted. It would even be more unlikely that he received scalp micropigmentation as one needs to be balding with a shaved head. That would be the requirement to need such a treatment.

David definitely has more than enough hair to lose before he would try to benefit from such available methods. There is also doubt that he needs to use concealers as there is no hair loss condition to hide. The only hair products he may be actually using are waxes or gels. How else can he keep up with the current trends? That query may not be totally accurate. He is really one of the trailblazers in what is the cutting edge in men’s hairstyles. He is the one who sets the trends, not follows them. Men use David Beckham’s latest hairdos as a barometer or standard by which they set their own.