The Scalp Aesthetics Community

At the heart of our company is it’s people

Scalp Aesthetics is the world’s #1 scalp micropigmentation company because we hire or partner with the best people, then nurture their various talents to turn them into the best technicians, the best managers and the best support staff they can be. Our community consists of hundreds of people, spanning more than 20 countries around the world, from Toronto to Taipei, and all are an essential part of the Scalp Aesthetics family. Our people are respected, valued and appreciated, and as a result, collectively perform better than any other company in the world.

This is in stark contrast to other providers that do not even allow their team members to be named, and has contributed to our success more so than any other factor. It’s not just something we do. It’s a mindset that underpins every action and every decision we make as a business.

Collaboration is a way of life at Scalp Aesthetics, sharing ideas and best practice with all our partners around the world at unprecedented pace. This level of support facilitates our growth, improves the customer experience and ensures that our results are always exceptional, no matter which Treatment Center you choose for your procedure..

Dave Hoffer, our Huntington Beach technician
Our Huntington Beach technician Dave Hoffer, at one of many exhibitions attended by Scalp Aesthetics
Jose Santiago and Bryce Cleveland
Jose Santiago, our highly talented lead technician in Tampa Florida. CEO Bryce Cleveland pays a visit
Pan Min You Shenzhen location
Scalp Aesthetics licensee Pan Min You meets CEO Bryce Cleveland in Shenzhen, China
Kay Manuel
Kay Manuel, our scalp micropigmentation artist in Edmonton, Alberta

Although Scalp Aesthetics is a multinational company with offices in more than 20 countries, despite our size and corporate structure, each and every technician and team member is a valued part of the Scalp Aesthetics family. Our people are supported, mentored and rewarded and as a result, are more motivated and perform with more passion than any other team in the industry. The result is ultimately a better client experience and the continued growth of the world’s largest and most successful scalp micropigmentation company.

Eddie Lopez
Eddie Lopez, owner of our Denver location and one of our very best marketeers, enjoying yet more media coverage.
Daniel Yerenburg is one of our most requested technicians, turning out phenomenal work in Bethesda, Washington DC
Catrina Tansey, a hugely successful and extremely talented Scalp Aesthetics artist in Chicago
At Scalp Aesthetics, exceptional performance is always recognized, celebrated and rewarded

What really sets Scalp Aesthetics apart is the way our business is structured. Some other providers employ hired technicians or ‘practitioners’ on surprisingly low salaries, usually resulting in a team that is low on motivation, and often accompanied by high staff turnover. Not so at Scalp Aesthetics. Each of our locations is owned by a resident technician, ensuring that the people who run our locations have a vested interest in its success, and of course in the level of satisfaction experienced by their clients.

Furthermore, many of our technicians started out as Scalp Aesthetics clients. The sheer number of clients who have had their lives turned around, to such an extent that they want to partner with us and open their own location, is testament not only to the quality of our results, but to the profound and far-reaching impact that scalp micropigmentation can have on a persons confidence.