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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Located in Liberty Village, West Toronto this community offers the ideal live-work-play lifestyle with its mix of urban, commercial, retail and residential real estate. Liberty Village has a youthful atmosphere to it and really displays that village feel, because residents have access to everything they want and need within the neighbourhood.
Hi my name is Kim Dang and I am the owner of Dot + Line Micropigmentation. I graduated from Sheridan College with a diploma in Travel & Tourism and for a while I worked as a travel consultant. I realized my heart wasn’t in my work and I wanted to do something I was more passionate about. That’s I when came across microblading and instantly knew I had to learn more about it. So I enrolled myself in a course at Lash Forever Canada. The models I had worked on were so impressed and happy with my work, that they gave me many referrals that quickly led to a career change.
Not only was I helping change their lives, but it changed mine as well. That’s when I knew this was my calling. Being able to help people feel more confident and happy with themselves also gave me a reason to pursue what makes me happy! I’ve expanded my skills and am now a scalp micropigmentation graduate with Scalp Aesthetics. Patience and perfection is key in this industry; and I will never stop striving to do the best I can for myself, and especially for my clients.
Tia Wallin of Scalp Aesthetics-Southern UT in St. George, Utah is a licensee of Scalp Aesthetics.
Scalp Aesthetics-Southern UT also known as Pro-Pigmentation is located in the heart of St. George which is a top destination with its year-round warm weather, golf courses, red rock mesas and playground to the lovers of the outdoors. Our location is off Riverside Dr. in a modern, professional medical plaza. Call for a no-obligation consultation!
I am a licensed cosmetologist specializing in Scalp MicroPigmentation, MicroBlading Eyebrows, Areola Pigmentation and Scar Camouflaging.
With my extensive background in hairstyling and barbering, I am confident in my skills to seamlessly blend your existing hair with your new SMP hair, creating a natural looking fade for an undetectable result.
I am a perfectionist by nature and together we will design and create the perfect solution for your needs. I always keep in mind that my reputation walks out the door with you!
Services in St. George, Utah include:
SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION: The art of replicating hair follicles using a specialty machine, ink, and needles designed just for the scalp to ensure a natural, long-lasting result. Together we agree and decide on the perfect hairline to meet your needs and expectations. If you just need more coverage to your existing thin hair, we simply add density to the thinning areas of the scalp creating a fuller appearance of hair.
SCAR CAMOUFLAGING is achieved by adding hair follicles back into the scar tissue to blend in with the surrounding areas. Scars may be permanent but their effects don’t have to be!
MICROBLADING: The technique of implanting pigment by inserting fine incisions that replicate hair strokes into the eyebrow area creating a fuller, more desirable shape.
AREOLA PIGMENTATION: A medical tattooing procedure that restores the appearance of a natural areola and nipple after undergoing breast and reconstructive surgery. Together we decide on the perfect size and position to restore the natural beauty of your breast and help regain back confidence in your femininity.
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