Kenneth Kuca

Chestermere – Calgary, Alberta


The Scalp Micropigmentation Center in Chestermere, Calgary is a licensee of Scalpa. The location is nice and comfortable away from all the traffic o the inner city. I have a nice residential location in Chestermere a block from the lake.
Myself- Ken is a performance driven individual who is a SMP patient himself. After experiencing the amazing feeling from the transformation he decided to open his own clinic so he can help more men and women transform their lives a be free of the insecurities.
Scalp Tech Inc. specializes in Scalp Micropigmentation in and around the Calgary, AB area; helping all types of individuals who are experiencing any type of hair loss, balding pattern, thinning areas, scarring or other conditions such as alopecia to eliminate these problem areas for good, while in-turn creating a higher sense of confidence and restoring one’s self-esteem.
331 East Lakeview Place
Chestermere AB, T1X 1W3
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