One of the benefits of your Scalpa Affiliation is our free branding materials. Branding helps you connect with your customers on an emotional level. Build your clientele with the confidence of the SCALPA brand behind you. We have everything from social images, large format high-resolution pictures, and new client brochures for you to download and begin using!

Clientele →

  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Consultation Packets
  • Pre & Post Care Instructions
Your most powerful influence can be your social media platforms. Utilize our professional pictures to make your posts stand out and look professional. Click to download images individually or click the button below to get the entire zip file. Feel free to add your own touches and branding to the images! Enjoy! 
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[envira-gallery id="30685"]

Social Media →

  • Social Media Profile Image
  • Social Media Ready to Post Images
Utilize these brochures to let your clients know you are using the best products. **Before sending to a printer, open the brochure outside and change the information to yours** this makes it totally customized to you. Click on each side of the brochure to view and print. 
Social media profile image
Cell phone background image.

Ready to go social post images

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Images →

  • High-resolution SCALPA Products Images
  • Print them on as small or large as you desire to brand your business.
Videos are a great way for you to connect with your clients and gives you a chance to really show what the Scalpa brand is all about. Download the videos and brand them to suit your business needs!
[envira-gallery id=”29485″]

Videos →

  • High-resolution videos for you to download and brand.
Videos are a great way to build an emotional bond with your clientele. Let them get a better understanding of SCALPA brand and lifestyle and the passion behind our products and services.