Who is the best scalp micropigmentation technician?

You know, I get asked this a lot. Everyone wants to know who the best scalp micropigmentation technician is. At first, I used to try to answer as best I could. Sure, I always felt a certain loyalty to my own technicians, what business owner wouldn’t? However I’ve got to be honest and say that sometimes, I didn’t know how to answer the question. I mean, there are so many great scalp micropigmentation technicians now, and they each have their own strengths.

Shelley Todd performing a SMP procedure out of her office in Vista, CA

Shelley Todd performing a SMP procedure out of her office in Vista, CA

At Scalp Aesthetics we don’t have any weak technicians. Our reputation is everything to us, and our customers treatment outcomes are of paramount importance. That’s why we invest so much time in training, not only through our Scalpa Academy training program, but in ongoing enhancements, incentives and awards too. We want our technicians to be the best of the best, and whilst I recognize the talent of some other technicians outside of the Scalp Aesthetics family, I wholeheartedly believe we train and retain the world’s best technicians.

Who is the best Scalp Aesthetics technician?

The work of a Master Technician

Results like these don’t come easy. It takes the skill of a true artist, world class training and a certain amount of experience to deliver hair follicle replications this good

They’re all awesome! I know, I know. You knew I was going to say that, right? But genuinely… we don’t partner with anyone who cannot meet our extremely high standards.

Remember as well that a good scalp micropigmentation technician must be able to turn their hand to any requirement. Some clients come to us with really bad scars from historic hair transplant surgery, burns or accidents. Others have alopecia that leaves them totally bald, or even more challenging for the practitioner, with patchy hair loss.

All Scalp Aesthetics technicians must meet our standards, not only when camouflaging baldness, but also when dealing with this full spectrum of requirements.

If you want a more specific answer, go to our Locations pages and look for our Master Technicians. These technicians have consistently demonstrated and delivered procedures to an incredible standard, over a sustained period of time. Many of them have completed advanced levels of training too, and all are regarded as being in the upper echelons of the technician hierarchy.

Some of Our Top Technicians are:

  • Shelley Todd (Vista, CA)
  • Daniel Yerenburg (Bethesda MD)
  • Eddie Lopez (Denver CO)
  • Phaedra Williams (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Kevin Blackwell (Southlake, TX)
  • Luis Guvera (Chicago, IL)
  • Thomas McDonald (Jacksonville, Orlando, FL)
  • Denise George (Akron, OH)
  • Melissa Munding (Toledo OH)
  • Brian Santora (Boston, MA)
  • Renata Pruszewski (Hamilton ON)

Scalpa Awards

Best Scalp Micropigmentation Technician Awards

Quarterly Scalpa Awards

Another indicator of the quality of work the technician delivers is the awards they have won.

The Scalpa Awards are given to our technicians quarterly in the categories of Best Procedure, Best Service and Best Business. They are awarded based on their performance in these categories over the preceding three month period. Competition for these awards is spirited, as every technician wants demonstratable proof of their prowess.

The purpose of these awards is to reward the very best technicians and provide our customers with proof of the technicians level of competence and proven track record. Any technician bearing one of these awards has consistently proven their ability in the skillset relating to the award.

Our most recent award winners for 2015 Q4 were:

  • Best Procedure – Daniel Yerenburg (Bethesda MD)
  • Best Business – Eddie Lopez (Denver CO)


However, let’s not forget. It takes skill, dedication and an extremely high level of competence to become a Scalp Aesthetics technician in the first place, and I stand by all my technicians and their work. Whether you choose a Master Technician, an award winner, or neither, your satisfaction is always assured with Scalp Aesthetics.