Ben Affleck Scalp MicropigmentationShocking photos hit the media a few weeks ago showing Ben Affleck’s balding head. Though it is only a small bald spot at the back of his head, science shows that it’s the beginning of total hair loss. So many other men and women in the world are experiencing this scary dynamic and are wondering what to do about it. Unlike Ben Affleck who can actually afford getting hair transplant, most people in the world can’t.

Scalp Aesthetics is a world renowned Scalp Micro Pigmentation company that offers alternative solutions to hair loss. Scalp micro pigmentation is a process of replicating hair follicles with a special ink to give the impression that you have a full head of hair. Apart from being way cheaper than other hair loss solutions, this technique is non-invasive and gives immediate results. SMP is ideal for men and women who are balding in the middle and back of the head but also women who have lost the hair line. It can also be used to hide scars in the head or beard area as well as concealing all types of Alopecia.

Why people like Ben Affleck should Visit Scalp Aesthetics

Since it was started by Bryce Cleveland in Rochester NY, Scalp Aesthetics has opened shops in every major city in USA. The popularity of this establishment has come from being unique, different and simply the best. After so many years of experience doing the same thing over and over, Scalp Aesthetics technicians learned a thing or two and perfected the art of SMP.

After realizing that normal machines used in scalp micro pigmentation don’t give long enough strokes, Scalp Aesthetics developed a unique 5 mm stroke machine. The machine uses unique needles that are smaller than the normal used needles to ensure the ink replicates exact hair follicles. This one of a kind machine and needle uses a technique only found in this company to gives natural looking results. The proprietary technique ensures ink is only applied to the epidermis and does not penetrate to the dermis.

Scalp Aesthetics also use purely organic ink that can’t be broken down by sun and body changes. Since the ink has no additives, it’s safe for everyone and it will not fade in time. Scalp micro pigmentation is a three-hour treatment with no down time afterwards so one can even go back to work.

Every branch of Scalp Aesthetics in the country is run by a team of highly trained professionals. They study each case Ben Aflickspecifically and design a master plan for replicating the follicles that have fallen. People like Ben Affleck should visit one of these shops to get a custom-made treatment and have instant results. The technicians handle clients with care, professionalism and maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Many celebrities like Ben Affleck have experienced hair loss either at the back or the front of their heads. This can cause damage to their perfect appearance and also erode their confidence. Scalp Aesthetics can help to get your confidence back without going through painful and long procedures. Scalp micro pigmentation is the safest hair loss solution for celebrities and ordinary people.