Kathy Truong

Sydney, Australia


Kathy Truong is a licensed affiliate of Scalp Aesthetics.  All our treatments are performed in a cosmetic medical suite of the highest standard.
Rest assured, the team at Scalp Aesthetics are confident that our facilities, techniques, and quality of care are the best available.
All of our procedures are performed in a private and relaxing treatment room that overlooks the beautiful Albert Park Lake with scenic views of Port Philip Bay.
Kathy is a dynamic and enthusiastic professional who has over 20 years’ experience in dermal therapy, cosmetology, and micropigmentation. Kathy is a certified SMP practitioner.
Kathy is a gold standard practitioner and works with 3 hair transplant surgeons. She has experience with FUE – Folllicular Unit Extraction, FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant and Female Hair transplantation patients and those considering surgery in the future.
Her micropigmentation expertise includes:
• Pigment enhancement to create the visual of a full head of hair for men
• Pigment correction for existing unsightly Hair Transplant Scars
• Pigment for density enhancement in women with thinning hair
• Pigment correction for Alopecia Areata patches
• Density enhancement for low donor coverage after FUE –Follicular Unit Transplant
• Brow pigmentation to enhance the density and shape of eyebrows
We provide a gold standard treatment
Step 1. You will receive a no-charge consultation so we can assess your concerns, understand your family history and any medical issues, determine your expectations, and that we can improve your appearance.
Step 2. With Kathy, together you will design your treatment plan to ensure your visual satisfaction.
Step 3. Once your treatment is complete, our promise is to help you improve your appearance and enhance your confidence
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Sydney, NSW 2000
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