Scalpaesthetics Perth is located in the Vivacious living Centre in Applecross. Corner of Canning Highway. Alvaro has been trained in the art of Scalp Micro pigmentation using Scalp Aesthetics Technique. Having been suffering baldness for a number of years and searching for a solution including hair transplant, laser therapy, pills that cause side effects that suppose to stimulate hair regrowth to bring back the youth that was lost.
Searching for a solution I came to find SMP and later found that there are many bad operators out there just looking to make a quick buck. Unfortunately I fell into this and had a really bad experience. Persistence took me to search for the best provider and I found Scalp aesthetics.
After having the procedure done myself I felt this was the answer to anyone suffering the same cause. I want to be able to help those that perhaps have gone through the same as I have and bring them back to know that there is a solution and that this procedure by Scalp aesthetics is the answer.
Scalp Micro pigmentation procedures using the Scalp aesthetics technique for balding men and women. We tattoo the scalp using the correct machine, inks and needles to match existing hair to replicate hair follicles resulting in full head of hair. The procedure is done over 3 sessions and follow ups will be conducted until I’m happy that the client is 100% satisfied with the result.
Vivacious Living Centre 9a Risely Str
Applecross, W.A
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