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Discover the Scalp Aesthetics™ difference and see why we have been trusted by thousands, worldwide. Join our movement in helping others to feel great about their hairline. 

Thank you for 10+ Years

Be the change you want to see in the world, and that is just what Bryce Cleveland has done. A persistent desire to change people’s lives has taken this young professional to a new level of success. A little over thirty years old and Bryce has already had the opportunity to change more than 20,000 lives with his procedure by training the world’s best scalp micropigmentation technicians.

Bryce was born and raised in Rochester, NY and comes from a family that values hard work and determination. He has been a business owner of numerous successful companies for the past 15 years which allows him to combine superior business sense with a passion to create change – making him unstoppable in his mission.

Founder & CEO

Bryce Cleveland

“I want you to know that when you choose Scalp Aesthetics, you will be 100% satisfied. We want to make your head look absolutely amazing. I travel the world to all my offices every day to witness my technicians changing lives, and it is so rewarding. From young guys suffering with cancer, guys with alopecia, bad hair transplants, scars and of course male pattern baldness. This is my absolute passion and dedication to make you a happy customer and with more than 20,000 clients to our name, I have been very successful in doing that. Become a part of the Scalp Aesthetics family, and let me show you why we are #1 in the world.”

Our Mission

Bryce’s enthusiasm is infectious. He is a firm believer in Scalp Aesthetics and is not only the CEO, but also a client. Bryce had scalp micropigmentation so that he could relate to clients on a personal level. He was struggling with balding at a very early age and knew there had to be a better way to give the illusion of hair. With diligent research and through trial and error, he created an ink and needle that gave the real appearance of a follicle.

His hard work had paid off and he wanted to spread the word to people suffering like he was. Bryce has traveled all over the country to perform his procedure, and has even flown clients to Rochester from all over the United States. Bryce has donated the procedure and hotel accommodations to clients he wanted to help, but were not in the position to help themselves. These are the types of opportunities Bryce thrives off of, forever changing the life of an individual with his technique.