Scalp Micropigmentation Training in Washington

Scalp micropignmentation treatment sessions can be a life changing step for anyone dealing with bald spots, receding hair lines and scars. It is an art that Scalp Aesthetics have perfected and we are now the biggest scalp micropigmentation company in the world. If you are interested in scalp micropigmentation training in Washington, Pam Neighbors can guide you to success – the Scalp Aesthetics way.

What is the secret to our success? Face-to-face training sessions.

The Scalpa Academy is out to create the very best technicians to expand the company’s reach with scalp micropigmentation treatments. They are more than technicians, they are artists creating individual masterpieces. This means that trainees need to be ready for an entirely different approach. The traditional approach to training is simple. Trainees sit in a classroom for a few days, absorb as much theory as possible and display enough knowledge to progress. As far as our CEO, Bryce Cleveland, and the rest of our team are concerned, this simply isn’t good enough. Theory, diagrams and classroom make-believe can only get us so far. That is why we prefer to go for the hands-on, face-to-face approach of practical training.

If you sign up for scalp micropigmentation training sessions in Washington with Pam Neighbors, you will be thrown in at the deep end. This really is the only way to learn. You can’t appreciate what it is like to treat a real scalp or use the real equipment unless you watch a master artist at work and get that practical experience. The use of practical experience and online training provides the ideal combination of methods and a flexible, interesting way to work. Learn on the job, work through the online modules at home to reinforce your learning and plot your progress.

Why is Pam Neighbors the best woman for the job?

Pam is our master technician in Seattle and the safest pair of hands when it comes to training new talent. Pam is licensed in permanent cosmetics, tattoo art, scar relaxation and esthetics and has more than 25 years experience. Over this time, she has helped countless clients with a range of procedures and worked with Seattle’s leading cosmetic surgeons. Her Seattle studio is the ideal location in Washington for this hands-on experience and the best advice. Pam also appreciates the ethos of this company and the importance of working at your own pace.

Some of us take longer to pick things up than others. That doesn’t mean that you are less able or less suited to the role than someone that is a natural by day 2. A strict, structured 5-day classroom course places too much pressure on trainees to succeed in a short amount of time. The Scalp Aesthetics’ scalp micropigmentation training methods let you work at your own pace until you are comfortable with the procedures and equipment. You can watch the master at work, discuss concerns with clients and slowly build your confidence.

The Scalp Aesthetics scalp micropigmentation training course really is the best option.

There are two ways to go with this type of training:

1) The boring, traditional route where dry information is crammed down your throat over a few days.

2) The fun, unconventional route where you get practical experience and helpful online modules to work on at your own pace.

Train with Pam Neighbors at her Washington studio, get a real feel for the process and see how you can grow with Scalp Aesthetics.