John Rosini


What an awesome story John Rosini has when it comes to getting his scalp micropigmentation procedure done. He originally called Scalp Aesthetics  …..continue reading

Scalpa Case Studies

Justus Samuel


Justus Samuel has been wearing hats for over 15 years to cover his baldness. He is in the spotlight a lot as being a spokesperson, talking in front of young kids,  …..continue reading

Ricky Bell


Ricky Bell, the singer/song writer with Bel Biv Devoe found Scalp Aesthetics through his good friend Jamie Fox and barber Benny Blades. He actually had a barber for the past 10 years follow him on tour to spray hair loss concealer in his hair before concerts …continue reading

Jose Santiago


Jose Santiago is a perfect example of a man who had it everything in the world but a full head of hair. He was a wrestler with the WWF, worked out, very tall, in shape, good looking, but in his genes, hair was not coming with him. So one day he decided to just shave his head bald and accept the face that his hairline was gone. He considered getting a hair transplant but …continue reading

Oz Tozan


There aren’t too many oz tozan’s in this world! Growing up in the same town as where the procedure was first birthed, he was able to see a unique technology blossom with his own eyes. Watching Scalp Aesthetics go from a small town one location business to a global empire …continue reading

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